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So pleased with this mornings run!

Completed W8R2 this morning and pleased that I am continuing to run further and at a quicker pace each time (although still slow to some.) Thought I'd experiment with the pace reading on my Garmin as I tried to keep it below my last run's final reading when running normally then keeping an eye on it, slow down a little mid way to recover a little, ready for the second half of the run, settling into a pace around the average, speeding up again towards the end keeping an eye on the watchs readout all the while. Up until now I'd just been happy that I'd continued running for the 25/28 minutes required. It gave me something to think about on the run, keeping focused, and also helping me to use the Garmin as I suppose it should be!

Using this information projected, should be doing the 5K in around 40 mins - if I can pace/improve with remaining runs, and do the last run in week 9 in less, I'll be very happy and perhaps use this to motivate myself after I've completed the programme whilst I wait for the next installment out in July!

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It sounds great that you're working on your pace alongside your stamina! I think it sounds like a good plan, and as you said, gives you something to focus on whilst you're running.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes for you!


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