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This mornings run

So all week, I've been thinking about having a slow lazy run. Last Sunday, I went out in a different direction to normal so I had no idea on speed / pace and just run for the fun of it. I done a fairly big loop and by the time I got home, I'd covered 5.5km. I loved it so was looking forward to more of the same this week.

I plotted out a 6km route which cut through a bridleway & dirt trail at a place called Croham Hurst near me. But it's been raining so I ran to the Hurst and then decided to get dirty. Ran the length through the bridleway, through quagmires, through the dirt sludge, through the puddles. It was actually quite amazing. It'll be stunning in the summer (HA!) when it's drier, trees to the right, a golf course to the left. Beautiful.

The return journey though got a little hazey. I had planned on running back along a different route through the hurst but that was more hilly with some steep sections and I didn't fancy that, so I headed back on the road and carried on running.

Down streets, through alleys, around housing estates, it was nice. I then found my bearings and started to head home running downhill for nearly 3km. That bit was probably the easiest part of the run.

But in total, I actually managed 8.5k, I still can't believe it. I did stop a few times to catch my breath as I got my bearings or after a particularly steep uphill run, I'd catch my breath at the top.

My calves & thighs are feeling so used right now, it's been a long time since they've felt like that but it's a good feeling!

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Well done you, sometimes when you don't think about it too much is when you do the best runs.


wow...10k in October will be easy if you can do 8.5k now!! Go you!! :)


You make running sound so appealing, I'm starting to regret my decision to switch my run from today to tomorrow! 8.5Km is a distance I can only dream about for now but with blogs such as yours to inspire I shall keep on trying. Well done!


Oh my word, that is brilliant! Well done to you! So.. you can run for fun! Way to go Sir! :-)


Loved reading your blog, you just got down and dirty what a way to go!! Glad I'm not your mum having to clean the shower after you though :) Well done thats a serious lengthening of your last distance, great result.


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