Couch to 5K

hitting the wall

a few questions about this total exhaustion and how to get over it.

I graduated today :-) and todays run wasnt too bad but I think it was adrenalin.

The last 3 runs and bike ride yesterday I have got towards this point but managed to keep going as I am very stubborn.

I am nearly 60 and a type 2 diabetic controlled by diet because I am following a healthy diet plan my sugars are well controlled even a little low sde. After excercise they can be under 4 at which point I feel a little unwell but very irritable. Hence the bike ride yesterday was not pleasant in parts for my OH.

I have read that you need protien after running and somewhere else says carbs.

Any ideas on how I can control this to take this running on further at least to get to the 5k in a decent time.

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I find if I eat a snack such as a banana immediately after I've run I feel ok. If I eat nothing I feel like I've been hit by a train for pretty much the rest of the day!

If I'm out of bananas I eat a slice of bread with jam or peanut butter.

I hope you find something soon :)


The diabetes uk web site has some good advice, but you might want to chat to you GP or diabetes nurse.


If you are going a little low during exercise that would suggest that you might want to eat before exercising - why don't you try eating a banana just before you start exercising. My husband has type two diabetes and, like you, is can go a little low so I understand about the irritation thing! May be some watered fruit juice might be a good thing for when you are running just to try to keep your blood sugar from dipping.


I've just searched google for you using keywords 'running and diabetes' below is one of the websites returned which might help: Site looks ok and authentic with some sound advice.

However nothing beats your doc or nurse - wonder if the NHS website has any info?

Hope this helps :)


Thanks so much for these answers I will ask the nurse when I see her but havent long been in and dont go unless I have too.


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