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funny looks!

Having got my arse back on the running wagon I decided to go out on Wed afternoon, It was a very humid afternoon and so I did my old "Laura" route so as not to over heat! I set map my run ond off \i trotted, I quite enjoyed it but it was soooo hot. On the home stretch through the park I ran towards a woman,she was looking at me weirdly so I just upped my pace, like us runners do (!) and carried on. \i got home and checked my map my run app to find for the second time this week it had failed me and had recorded only a minute of my run............PANTS!

Then I came face to face in the hallway with a victim of a brutal murder, her throat was dripping red and pooled in her cleavage, ARGH!

Oh, hang on a minute, it's the mirror.......Yes, I had made the mistake of running with a head of very fresh hair dye, I AM STOOPID!

That poor woman in the park!

Anyway, I am thinking I might just dye my hair a normal colour if I want to carry on this running lark :)

AND I reckon I've got my mojo back :)

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There's been a muuurder!

Good to get your mojo back :) I gave up on mapmyrun and swapped to runkepper after being failed too many times. Runkeeper gives you feedback over your own music or the radio every 5 minutes of how you are getting on which I find really encouraging.


Ooh ok I'll try that thanks :)


What hair dye do you use ? I've tried various bright reds from time to time and always been disappointed by how quickly they fade but never had "colour-running" problems. Perhaps I'm not running quickly enough to get that effect !

What's a normal colour ? If you dye it black and it runs, you'll probably look like a manic chimney sweep ;-)

I'm going for the easy blonde option at the moment :-)


Hmmm manic chimney sweep versus slit throated zombie woman runner......................?!;)


Lolol Pat, oh just trying to imagine the red dripping under your chin; poor woman must have thought you were literally sweating blood!



Haha that's funny


This really made me laugh! I don't look pretty sometimes out for a run but have never ( I think!) reached these heights! I can just see that poor woman's face. Don't give up on the bright red hair tho and don't give up on the running! :-)


I am reading this at my desk at work and I want to howl so loud ... I've personally had that 'hair bleeding' thing, but it was black - all over a white shirt!!


I have the same problem. I had red streaks and spots all over my white running top and through to my sports bra. I love having scarlet hair but might need to change to black tops...........


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