How chuffed!

I am so proud of myself as I have just graduated! I am really pleased for several reasons:

I am diabetic and have struggled with my diabetes control over the last 9 weeks and it would have been very easy to just give up.

I was the first of my friends to start and now 5 of us have our own Facebook group were we all post after each run and give each other support. I am proud that I have inspired others!

And best of all although I haven't lost any weight I put a skirt on today and it slide down onto my hips so was well below the knee as opposed to above it so I must have changed shape!

Thank you to everyone - I haven't posted much but I have read lots of other posts which have kept me going


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  • Congrats! There's nothing like the feeling of achieving a goal. :)

  • Oh brillant! Really hard to balance exercise and diabetes - but you did it. HOORAH to you!!!

  • Congratulations on graduating and inspiring your friends to join in too :)

  • Congratulations, yes my shape has changed too, its a great feeling

  • Wow, well done. I'd love to get some of my friends running (not necessarily with me, because I quite like lone running with less pressure from them!) and that group idea sounds great.

    Congratulations on graduating, and good luck keeping it up!

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