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so this morning I did W1R1, I didn't do it perfectly but I did do it and I managed the full 30 mins and broke into a gentle sweat. the dog thinks I have lost my marbles !! but I know I haven't :-)

so having completed my first run I have bought some decent running shoes today for those very muddy paths.

looking forward to Saturdays run ! perhaps I will leave the dog at home this time :-)

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Well done on making a start and good luck with the rest of the plan, keep posting! :)

Nick_Buddha_12Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you :-)


Nick you did it, you made a start which is more than most people do,

now you are coming back for more on Saturday. Good luck with the

programme just remember to take it slow and steady.

Nick_Buddha_12Graduate in reply to Patrick1942

Thank you :-)


Well done on starting the program! Good luck :)

Nick_Buddha_12Graduate in reply to Shivani05

thank you :-)


Congrats and welcome! You might find (self promotion link :-)): useful?

Nick_Buddha_12Graduate in reply to yatesco

thank you :-)

if I run bare foot on my run I will destroy my feet :-)

thank your for the video very interesting


Well done on starting. I took the dog on my first run too but he was a distraction so I never took him again. Ironically he's a greyhound but they have no stamina. They don't call them the 40mph couch potato for nothing!

Keep up the good work. You'll soon be addicted 😁

Well done on completing your first run, I have just completed week 2 and if I can do then so can you. I would definitely leave the dog behind, keep us updated with your progress.


Perfection is boring; improving yourself run after run is much more interesting and funny. ;)

Welcome among the C25K-ers; I wish you that the programme will bring you as much joy as it has brought to me.


Yes well done to get starting, that's the most difficult hurdle. As secan says the week on week improvement is fun! Each week seems like a killer as it takes you to your limits then suddenly it dawns on you " I can run for 15 minutes!" And that gives you the motivation to get to the end! Good luck with it all!

Dog was left behind and I found the run much more focused because of it, he will get an extra walk today :-)

progress not perfection sound just the ticket secan

thanks for all the encouragement :-)

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