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What trainers are the best for running


I'm now on week3 and starting day 1 tomorrow

I am at the moment running in my gym trainers!!!

Any recommendations on a good pair of running trainers? My shins are now starting to hurt!! X

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Check out this link..it may prove helpful:)


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A guy who did my gait analysis picked my perfect pair. A pair that fits my feet like heaven. A pair that might be completely inappropriate for you so you also should go to a good shop and they should do the same to you.

Mind you, this is not about 'famous brand-great shoes' or 'l must spend a lot of money to get the perfect pair', it's about compatibility and comfort, and quite often that's not connected with high spend.


Can’t recommend gait analysis enough - will make sure you get the right shoes to suit your style of running.

I ended up with Adidas Ultraflows - which feel like running in clouds 😊


I can't agree more with mrrun.

You need the most comfortable shoes for you that provide the most appropriate support for your running style, regardless of colour, price or brand.

As well as the post linked to by Oldfloss above, there is also one specifically about gait analysis healthunlocked.com/couchto5...………..what-why-where. which may be helpful.


The one's that suit you! We can't really advise you on that.. as everyone's different..

The best way to find out is to have a gait analysis & fitting at a reputable running shop..Run and Become a small chain of only 3 stores in London, Cardiff & Edinburgh have very good reviews, which is where I shall be going for my next pair..😊


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