Hay fever cough?

I have an annoying dry cough and feel fine otherwise (no sore throat/chest/runny nose) so I think it's just allergy related as I have no history of asthma or anything like that. But the last time I tried running with a cold/cough I made it so much worse and had to stop the programme at week 6 which I never got back into.

Does anyone have the same thing and is it OK to keep exercising?


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10 Replies

  • rmoo - nip to your doc. You may have hayfever or asthma or something else. Needs to be checked out, apart from anything else if it is hayfever anti-histamines will make running a lot more comfortable.

  • I have quite bad hay fever, and I have a nose-spray plus tablets that I take for it at various times of the year when the pollen count is high. I'm only on week four granted, but it hasn't stopped me running in the past few weeks- even with a gunky nose on a few days!

    If you do feel it is allergy based you have a few options, you could try some anti-histamines (however I would strongly suggest consulting your GP prior), or you could go to your GP and find out exactly what it is that you are allergic to. If it is just a mild allergy cough, then he/she should be able to tell you what to avoid (if it is anything specific such as dairy), or you might be able to just have a piriton which may solve the problem.

    If it is a cold, then yes extensive exercise may make it worse- as it's putting stress on an already stressed body trying to deal with an infection. I'd suggest keeping yourself warm, eating well and looking after yourself- staying away from running the days you are at your worst if needs be.

    There is no reason to stop running for a dry cough, however if it persists I'd suggest going to see your GP to try and find the root of the cause,

  • I am allergic to among other things grass and have been suffering quite a bit over the last few days - dry cough, itchy eyes and nose :-). Actually thought I was coming down with a virus on Saturday. Started taking antihistamines and feel so much better. Just done W7R2 and although I have a slight dry cough my breathing felt fine. Definately worth looking into.

  • I've had a cough since March which won't go away. Its not a really bad cough but its doesn't really get anywhere i.e. no sneezing or coughing up stuff. Went to the doctor and I have dropped Ramipril for a while(blood pressure drug) but not convinced it is that. He also said it could be age related asthma( i'm 58yrs). I also noted it seemed to get worse at night after a run. I sometimes have to sit upright in bed to try to prevent it. He didn't even consider hay fever.

  • Hmm - how helpful. I would go to a pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist re anti histamine tablets. If tis doesn't help I would go back to docs and ask for an appointment with the asthma nurse. Asthma is potentially life threatening so your doc should get his act together.

  • me too. Had a dry cough since April. Eventually went to the drs this week and been prescribed inhaler and antihitimines - probable hay fever/allergy thing

  • I get hayfever sometimes too. When I run in the evening (when the pollen's coming back down to earth) I notice I get dry tickly throat. I bought a Buff (scarf/tube thing) and wear it round my mouth if I notice this coming on. I might look like a bank robber on the run, but it stops the problem! The Buff's come in handy as a hat/sweatband/ipod protector - I found it to be a good investment.

  • I too have had a cough for about a month and went to doctors yesterday (after some gentle persuasion from my family) and he said it was rhinitis (inflammation of the mucus membrane inside the nose) and has told me to use antihistamine tablets and Beconase nasal spray. I started using these yesterday and there is already an improvement in my cough.

  • I had really bad hayfever yesterday, a run in the damp foggy air along the seafront cleared it a treat

  • I developed Hay Fever a few years ago after a, what I can only describe as a storm of dandelion seeds. I now take antihistamine in the summer. Why don't you check out Enniskillen Parkrun? Walk, Run or a bit of both?

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