Couch to 5K

Week 7 Run 1

Really did not want to do this run last night, felt tired, and a bit annoyed after work.

Very glad I did though as I completed the 25mins :) So have run 25min twice now, plodding along.

Breathing went better again, some lower back pain but all in al lnot too bad. I think my legs have given up trying to make me stop and have handed the job over to my back to see how it does.

So far they are all failing :)

Only 8 runs left, wow, so happy.

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Well done! Those last runs are hard, there always seems to some joint or other, just waiting to "go"! My pains moved throughout my legs during the programme but now that I have finished, everything is ok - touch wood! Funny though, my back has been letting me know its there just recently too!

I wish you well for the rest of C25K - you have a good attitude :)


Nice one. Were at the same stage and I will be running that one tonight, or maybe tomorrow morning. Can't believe we're on week 7, it has gone so fast. 3 weeks till graduation how sweet will that be. Hope your aches and pains improve before your next run.


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