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Kill Or Cure

On the 1st of April I decided i had had enough of being over weight and out of shape, I had been sorting out some old clothes and came across my old martial arts gear and just hung my head in shame!!. So it was down to the pharmacy for some nicotine replacement and the sports shop for some running shoes. I was following the C25K program and was half way through week three but an old injury from the martial arts reared its ugly head (damaged veins, chronic venus insufficiency) and my right leg went a bit mental for a while! a few days rest and it felt OK so back out one the road, took it down a notch and retried week 2, then on day 3 my right knee decided it was going to double in size and refuse to move with out causing shooting pains through my leg!! I got really addicted to running in the short time i was doing and really want to get out there again but feel a little deflated and some what past it!! And advice and tips to get me back on endorphins highway would be appreciated. Heads up about me is that I am 6' 2" and weight 18st! a fair bit of muscle but a lot of fat too!!!

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Running causes a lot of shock waves to go through your body. They tend to be absorbed mostly by your ankles and knees. My suggestion would be to do the 9 weeks with walking and power walking instead of walking and running. Once you've done that, your body might be able to handle the running better on the next run through.


I have just finished C25K and most of the stresses and strains that built up over the 9 weeks, have left me! Sometimes I felt that as soon as I sorted my calves out, I was waiting for the next problem but now all is well. Iam overweight and I know that I would benefit from a few stone off so Iam trying to get my head around my weight issues!

The best advice I heard from here was to ice my aching joints, take ibuprofen, drink lots and lots of water and dont go too fast. Easy! :D I have definitely changed shape for the better, and feel great about this programme and everyone on here who supports us all.

I wish you well and do keep us informed. :)


Have you got the correct running shoes? This can make a difference. Run slowly and as bounce free as possible. Make sure you stretch. Maybe take an extra rest day.

I always run in an sports knee brace on my dodgy knee and a knee strap on the not so dodgy one, this has really helped me. I think i have strengthened the muscles that support the knee so I don't get any knee pain at all now, though losing 10.5 stone along the way probably helped!


I literally feel your pain...I am gutted about having to stop due to knee pain. I tried to 'man' it but just increased the pain :( I too am looking for a replacement as I feel a tad more than defeated and deflated right now. I am on day three of rest and feel like if I attempt a run I will be back to square one and some! I may walk today as it has to be better than nothing....


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