W5R3 - I have killed the monster!

W5R3 - I have killed the monster!

Aaand it's in the bag! I went a different way this time - south to the Isle of Dogs, overlooking the Dome, then along Marsh Wall to connect with the river by Canary Wharf. It was a beautiful sunny day, with sparkling light on the water, which really helped. 

I didn't let myself think about getting started - I just trusted Laura to tell me when to go, then got on with it. As I was plodding along, I tried to concentrate on having an upright, relaxed posture, and also had a good look at everything around me so I didn't think too much about "OMG - I'm running!". (Well, I say "running" - I caught sight of myself in a  window as I trundled past, and my running action is a bit like those slightly rubbish Japanese robots :-(  )

I was a bit stunned as I reached the riverside - I must have looked slightly odd as I wandered along thinking "I've done it!" But I'm soooo glad I've got this one squared away.

P.S. That scary monster in the picture? Now turned into the world's most elaborate handbag ...


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19 Replies

  • Yes! Well done, you!🍾🎉

  • Firstly.... Well done! The monster is defeated!!!

    Secondly...Avoid looking in windows at all costs!

    Thirdly.. You had sunshine and saw sparkles!

    Brilliant. :)

    Onwards and upwards, sweetie :)

  • Thanks guys! I hope you're having a great Bank Holiday weekend too.

  • Brilliant! Well done! and what slightly rubbish Japanese robots? One man's slightly rubbish japanese robot is another's fine example of Oriental automata.

  • Hi Rignold - I mean this kind of robot. Imagine this with Laura's voice-over and that very special music, and this is what I'm like!

  • haha. Okay. When you're right, you're right. Those robots are rubbish.  Although marginally better than drunk Northern robots

    (language warning: NSFW)

  • I'd definitely get a robot like that!

  • Ha ha I am that robot ! :-) xxx

  • Well done :)

  • That looks like me before Ive had my first cuppa tea of the day ! :-D

    Oooh Katie, Well done , you've only gone and done it , good lass !

    That's a major toughie that one, doesn't it feel great ? xxx

  • :-)) Thank you, Poppypug!

  • well done ! That run is a great milestone to get through and knowing you've done it means you know you can do the rest! I know what you mean about reflection's though..I run in the country, no windows, but have been running along feeling like a gazelle and caught my shadow next to me shuffling along nothing at all like a gazelle.......must have been the angle....

  • That scary monster looks like me with PMT (my hubby just snorted and said it looks like me even without PMT, believe me, he's already regretting that remark!)

    Brilliant run, well done! I like hearing where people run, I actually recognise the place names in your run, it must be amazing to be there and have the capital all around to look at as you go along!

  • Hi Pam - that was very ungallant of your husband! ;-)

    It is an amazing run. I am very lucky where I live, with the river and the canals and the Dome etc to look at. It all takes my mind off the effort of running!

  • Brilliant 🌺

  • That must be a hell of a handbag... 😆 

    Well done, Katie!

  • Yeah! Really well done. I'm sure you feel like the epic vanquisher you are.

  • Have just conquered same run - biggest issue was definteley in my head ( and left leg at the end) but am feeling very pleased with myself now!

  • Fantastic Katie. Gotta love that handbag too!

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