Couch to 5K

Eight mile long run...prevaricate, prevaricate!!

Prevarication: "I'm tired", "My knees hurt", "My stomach has cramps", "Just got to do the washing up", "Just got to feed the girls (chickens) and collect eggs.", "Got to get some water, it's warm out there", "Where are my headphones?"

"Oh, ok, I'm GOING!"

Stats for the stat minded:

Here's what puzzles me: if I know I've got a long run, say over seven miles, it doesn't matter what the number on the miles target is; say it's eight, about a mile off that, I'll be thinking "Just a mile to go, good job, cos I don't think my legs could carry me more than that - knackered, can't do any more" and I'm checking the Garmin every 100 yards. It is a mental game with myself. I think I go out with a number in my head and work towards that. But if I said to myself it's ten miles, then would I be nine miles out before that internal voice started??

Planning a nine miler next weekend so we will see. I also have an interval and a hill run to do midweek. Working on that speed; I want to have done a sub 27 min 5K before the end of the summer.

Keep on running folks!!

Oh, and if you ever want to know why it's a good idea to be keeping fit, just read this blog. She is a great writer and a runner!


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Great run, Carole! I see an age group WIN in your future, for sure!


I really don't think so Grammadog, they seem to run fast the goody oldie runners down this way! However, we keep battling on, because I don't want to be the one, as Terrilee says, in a care home, broken hip, and just a few weeks before the pneumonia gets me!



Thanks for the fascinating link x and well done on your progress x


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