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How long to train for a 14 mile race

I've just seen this race and it quite appeals:


So far, the most I've run is probably 6-7 miles (with maybe a couple of pauses to walk). I've not entered any other races.

The magazine I've picked up this morning has a 12 week 1/2 marathon training program. The race I want to attempt is only 8 weeks away.

Do you think it's achievable or am I being unrealistic ? I'm a little concerned that there is a time limit of 3hours 15minutes to complete the course - that sounds quite quick to me.

Any advice will be gratefully received :-)

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If you keep fit and have the time I don't see why not. It's a target if nothing else.

Sign yourself up then you are committed! Three and a quarter hours is reasonably generous for a half-marathon if you are not completely new to running. Average walking speed is about 3.5 miles an hour so you are three quarters of the way there is you walked the whole way.


Thank you Greg, especially for putting the time-limit into perspective !

I'll just have to convince the better half that I won't be overdoing it if I commit to this - he's concerned because I've been a bit under the weather recently and had to turn back from my run at running club last night. It's the first time I've given up on a run - I'm usually too stubborn !


How long did it take to run 7 miles and times that by 2 as a rough idea.

Also alough the race is only 8 weeks away if you are under the weather would you consider taking a week off your usual routine - maybe do a walk one day instead of run and cut the time of your other runs in half.

I'm only looking back on my own last summer with perspective now, but I built up to 8 miles hoping to get up to 14 for a half marathon and just spiraled downwards from there, until the new year. I've had other health issues and feeling 'under the weather' has been a big under lying factor which stopped me from running - especially when you are on a trail miles from home and only one way of getting home and start feeling like you can't carry on! I've mentioned this a few times lately but there was an article in a recent issue of Runners World saying to have a 'recovery' type week once a month where you don't run at all (you can do alternate exercise) or cut way back on what you normally do.

I had so many great runs up to a point and then just couldn't see what I was doing wrong. I think 8 weeks is enough time, but please be careful and listen to your body :)

Good luck!


especially if your foot hurts! Bah!


That makes sense - when I turned back from our run last night, I knew that if I'd struggled on for much longer I possibly wouldn't have known my way back.

I think you're right - I need to be a bit careful about having quality rest & recovery. Thank you !


Those races do look fun though, there was a whole article on them in one of the running magazines a couple of months ago. If you get there I would love to hear how it was.


I was hoping to do the Birmingham BUPA half marathon in October but it clashes with something else - I found this one by chance, while looking for an alternative.

I'll be sure to report back when/if I get there :-)


Good luck! The race looks fun, well if you can call that distance fun. :)


Thank you !


I don't think I'm wimping out but I've had a good think about this, especially after having read and re-read the helpful reply by "didntrunthat" above.

I am often guilty of wearing myself out by trying to do too much. I started exercising as a way to deal with fibromyalgia and it has worked a treat but I still need to be sensible. On top of that, I've recently had the contraceptive injection with a view to sorting out heavy periods that leave me close to anaemic (sorry for the lady stuff, guys!) but I'm still suffering the total exhaustion every month - realistically that means that my eight week plan only gives me six weeks of training and would probably be at the expense of anything other than running (and I have other things I have to do).

Rather than aim too high and set myself up for a fail/making myself ill, I've started looking at more local 10k races with a view to a half marathon later in the year (may even decided to go for the BUPA Birmingham one in October). I love the look of the Race the Train event but I think I'll put it on my Must Do list for next year.


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