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Delinquent Graduate getting motivated... Again

Hello again to all who know me :) it's been a while...

I have been running, just not as much as I could or should have been and sometimes 3 week gaps... - I have however given up smoking!!!! Over 3 months now :) gosh that was really tough, still hard sometimes but I am feeling much better without them and lungs find running easier :)

Any way, after Race for Life I moved home (again) finally buying my own place and I have been busy making acquaintances and friends amongst the villagers which has of course involved a regular visit to the local pub... It was during one of these visits I decided it would be a good idea to start a running club :)

Its a small group so far - 5 folks so far, 3 of us regularly committed - Having lapsed on the running I've restarted with the pod casts introducing them to a couple of other new runners - running is fun again and there's motivation to get out the door, it's also funny to have 3 of us running country lanes, music playing and talking back at Laura - one of us runs with the podcast running on a smart phone at full volume in a pocket... strange looks from cyclists and dog walkers...

Today there was talk of new running kit... I had to smile knowingly - new runners clearly hooked now, I'm expecting leggings next week :) it really is nice sharing the running with Laura experience

If any one is local to Scothern/Nettleham/Lincoln and would like to come along on a Sat morning (especially as Lincoln has no Park Run) new runners, half way through with Laura, using the 5k + programme, graduates it really doesn't matter - we even have 1 runner training for the Great North Run (they run a longer route ;) We are meeting at other times in the week fitting around work commitments but Sat mornings 0930 is the main day, message for further details.


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blimey hello again! How weird though I only mentioned you last night on one of the threads here explaining that the whole "Graduate" thing was all your fault and wondering where you were :-)

Glad you are still going and enjoying it again. I'll look your running club up if I am up Lincoln way.


Spooky :) strange how we can think about people and they pop up :) I had a grin when I logged back in and found Graduate badges in high demand :) there's loads of people in here :)


Welcome back! Well done on the giving up smoking! It's on my New Years Resolution list, but failing so far - how did you do it?


Hi tantrumbean, I quit 26 months go after 20 years smoking. I can't recommend the NHS cessation programme enough, I used Champix after trying myself unsuccessfully a couple of times. It definately makes it achievable. Go for it! Good luck :-)


Stubborn bloody minded ness in the end; after a couple of failed attempts (the low point fishing the hand rolling kit back out of the bin...) I went for Stoptober 28 days campaign for a date to do it and had last smoke at 2350 last day of September. (I stayed up to smoke it...) I had a chat with the smoking cessation lady in Boots the chemist and had some mint flavour (menthol filter smoker) mini lozenge things to take the edge off nicotine craving and had about 4/5 of those a day for a couple of weeks and gradually found I was thinking less about smoking and cut them down and off them after 3 weeks

It was awful though, about a week in I felt really ill for a couple of days (not the put you in bed ill but very very rough) i even wept - if i'd been near a smoke i'd of had it but you realise its basically the body just cross its not got the drug.

I did grumpy/cross for a while too but work colleagues, friends and family were brilliant - mainly taking the Michael and counting days with me. I found the biggest support came from smokers who were brilliant and even now (in the pub with a couple of beers I find myself thinking I want one but it passes quickly) smokers are quite adamant that I can't even stand in the smoking area :)

It's amusing but I can actually smell people :) and a smoker at 50 paces lol and food tastes different :)

I think you have to be ready, I was scared - only word I have to describe it, you might understand what I mean - I had no idea what not smoking was going to do, but its fine, I feel so much better and honestly after 3 months there's nothing missing

I feel - free - after 20 years it's quite nice :)


I have given up twice before and then started again after 2 years (how stupid can you get?) and I do remember getting infection after infection for the first 6 months, but both times I strangely woke up one morning and decided that was it and never had any cravings. This time, I really want to but haven't had one of those "magic mornings" so I think it's going to be much harder...


I'm so impressed that you have stopped smoking - well done. I'm lucky, in that I never started, but it must be so hard and you have done brilliantly :)



Well done on giving up the fags. I recently had some heart investigations and it is very sobering when the cardiologist and heart literature mentions smoking so much. You will be rewarded a thousandfold I am sure.


Oh, well done, Bxster - for giving up - probably one of the best things you can do.... oh and exercising!

I think it's great that you've set up a running group - what a brilliant idea - especially good way to forge new friendships. I bet it mushrooms as time goes on.


After Greg_M's mention of you yesterday (which seemed a bit cryptic - what was all this about it being Bxster's fault? - what was it that was Bxster's fault?!) I looked back at old blogs (but still didn't know what Bxster had done... recruited hundreds of people to c25k via facebook?...)

So - was it Bxster that suggested the 'graduate' badges?


Ahhh my secret is out ;) yup, 'twas me and Greg_M that championed the idea with the C25K team - and they liked it and made it happen :)


And a very good idea too. Why a little green badge should be so motivating, i've no idea, but there is something about it!

Well done in kicking the smoking by the way - sounds as though that was tougher than the running.


Hello!!! After your message I've been looking out for your blog. Welcome back and well done on giving up the smoking!!!

Great to hear that you've set up a running club....running with others is so much more fun that going solo.

I can't wait to get back out there as only run 4 times in December as have been struck down with this season's latest bugs! However, after giving in and getting antibiotics feel lots better and will venture out for a couple of miles (legs and lungs willing) tomorrow...getting a little excited thinking about it.

Keep posting and let us know how you are doing. !!!! :)


Great to hear from you again! Well done on giving up smoking, it's a tough challenge so you've done really well :)


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