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First week- how can one minute feel so long?


Hi. Started this last week, and I did 2 sessions of week one, but I was just estimating the time, guessing that about 100 of my lolloping "strides" would be about a minute . Used the stopwatch on my phone on Sunday and was a bit shocked at how long 60 seconds actually is! Also found myself on some hilly ground, so found it hard!! So I have now downloaded the podcasts (never done that before) and found the earphones that came with the phone and have sat in the box for 2 years, and did week 1 run 1 "properly"!! I also stuck to some flat ground and just went backwards and forwards on that. Almost bearable. By the way I am 57 and the weight has crept on over the last couple of years, so I need to lose about 3 stone (I've never been thin!) but more importantly get fitter. Great to have found this site- just what I need. Hope I can keep it up. The dog will be getting fitter too!

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Welcome to the programme and well done for getting started. As you have discovered, it's much easier with the podcasts. Good luck with your runs and my best wishes to you.


Lots of fifty somethings here Bonnie, and seventy somethings so no worries about age

You're in good hands with Laura, and us in support of course!

happy running


Here age is nothing other than another achievement. I find myself looking through the posts and thinking wow, if they can do it at 50, 60, 70.... What an inspiration you will be to the next people! I'm 33 and W1 was really hard! Bearing in mind I have completed the program once (let myself go after an operation) started again a year later and badly twisted my ankle and 6 months later I'm on W8. I have 2.5 stone to lose (was 3) and it will get easier as the weight goes down. Do you have anything in place to monitor eating? I have started the NHS diet plan but I'm logging info on

What dog do you have? I also run with mine. A 7 year old German shepherd x Whippet. She's toning up nicely.


Nilzed in reply to mustgetthin

Yes, a minute is loooong. But when you get to week 2, a minute and a half is surprisingly not too bad.

(Mustgetthin, i am Nilzed on MyFitnessPal too, lets be friends!)

mustgetthinGraduate in reply to Nilzed

Just sent you a request!


4 year old Labrador is what I "run" with. She is enjoying it. I've got bruised shins though from the sticks/branches she fetches and runs into me with.

Welcome, I run with my dog too. She thinks its a game of chase to which I keep loosing.

mustgetthinGraduate in reply to pwalker

I have the same trouble!!!

I wish my dog would run with name on here is a little ironic.... Anyhow, judging by you description, I was much like you 9 months ago. Without any magic or talent and just regular running, I ran 28:34 for 5k this morning and over 13k in one go at the weekend. That first week is really tough at the time, but trust me, the ability to go further, a little but at a time is within you. Stick at it and in a few weeks I reckon you'll look back and chuckle.

Come on!


Thanks for the encouragement, Rob and his Westie. I think my major danger is realising how long it will take. ( months is such a long way ahead, but I know I must take it a week at a time. I need to think how quickly the last 9 months have gone by, and if only I had started to try to get fit 9 months ago, I would be so much better now!!! Good luck to everyone else who is just starting out.

Hi bonniesingh and welcome.

Congratulations on starting the programme. As the others said age isn't an issue here. Neither is weight. We all share a determination to get moving and that's what counts.

Nine weeks seems a long time but you'll soon find the time flying by. Take each week as it comes and give yourself a big pat on the back as you tick them off. If you tell us all what you're doing then we'll also give you a pat on the back!

Good luck with the next run

Remember those first runs well, if you have doubts in the future, you'll look back and see how much progress you've made.

Hello Bonniesingh - I am starting Wk5 tonight and as a chunky, 48 year old who would get breathless tying her shoe laces, let me tell you that you will not only manage each week but you will surprise yourself too. I look back at Wk1 and I used to nearly cry waiting for the lovely Laura to say 'you can slow down now'. Best advice is change your route as much as possible each week - in that way you won't be saying 'when I reach this tree / gate / corner it will be time to stop'. Running on grass can be easier on joints when there is a little extra poundage on board! I hadn't taken any form of aerobic exercise for over 30 years and I am now bounding around my local park like a border collie! Run really slowly but keep going. Laura always says 'don't go too fast and keep a steady pace'. Oh and did I mention the 10ibs lost in four weeks. Best wishes and keep going.


You've made a great start. Like the other guys say - you're going to get loads of support here, so keep running - and posting! Good luck

Well done bonniesingh

I am 55 and I started last week and am anticipating starting week 2 tomorrow - I agree I never realised just how long a minute is, particularly with a tweaking knee! Keep up the good work!

BonniesinghGraduate in reply to lottidog1

Hi lottidog1. I have one more run of the proper week one to do - maybe tomorrow. As one of my knees is tweaking slightly. Going camping tomorrow so hope to find some nice new places to "run". Let us know how week 2 goes.

W2R1 was not too bad at all - I was surprised that I could keep going for the extra jogging time - quite looking forward to the next run - good luck with your jogging and enjoy the new scenery!


Hi I was just getting started 61 yrs young feel like the new 40yr lol! Will try this week tomorrow morning Wish me luck and best Stength doing walking jog 4yrs Ria888 x


Ha!! That's nothing!!! I was so fearful and unable to imagine running for one whole minute -- that I didn't even do it. Well not for about 6 weeks - I did another similar programme that started with only 15 seconds of running!! :) But - when that fearful day to run 1 minute non-stop arrived -- I managed. NOW -- I can run 30 minutes as though -- well, as though it is just one minute !! :)


I too wish I had started sooner! But better late than not at all. Happy running x

Go for it, I too need to lose 3 stone. I too struggled with week 1, but I promise it gets more bearable and easier as you stick to the program. Yesterday I completed week 4 run 1, never believed I would manage to run solidly for 5 mins, but I did - 2 x 5 mins and 2 x 3 mins.....keep going, you CAN do it :-) x


I am 57 too and trying to lose the remaining spare tyre having lost over four stone already. I feel like I'm reinventing myself with cto5k and am so happy to have started running even at my age! Its weird but I don't think the runs have really felt much harder than that first amazing run. I never thought I would manage to complete that first run yet here I am just starting my graduation week on Saturday.

BonniesinghGraduate in reply to seenthelight

Well done on your achievements so far and good luck for your next / last week of the programme!!


Well done for getting started! It gets easier every time, I promise

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