Couch to 5K

Who'd a thought W5R3 in the bag

Ha Ha! And furthermore Ho Ho! I am using an app which lets you play your own music but interrupts to tell you the next step. When I looked at it this morning it said "Run for two miles or twenty minutes" So being a bloke (us blokes like numbers) I dug out the abacus and worked out that 2 miles is 3.22k and to run this in twenty would mean a running speed of 9.7k. Problem is my best running speed on the treadmill has been 9k. Quite wisely I thought I wouldn't be able to run twenty at a faster speed so I thought, let's just get to twenty and then if it goes well another 90 seconds at 9k will get me there. So I had two plans, could I do twenty and could I do two miles. I hope you are still reading, if not please wake up, because the news is I flipping well only manged both!!! Wow! What's more is I did the extra 90 secs distance in 70 by sprinting the last bit at 10k. I feel totally transformed. Two days off now and bring on week six Tuesday morning.

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Congratulations twice it seems! I bet you're feeling on top of the world. Isn't it a fantastic achievement? Enjoy your well-earned rest and roll on week 6 for both of us.


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