Couch to 5K

W5R1 success

I went out this evening in a howling gale and ran W5R1, praying that the black clouds wouldn't burst overhead. The Gods were with me in more ways than one. On the last 5 min interval I decided to push on and run through the cool down and at the end, the next podcast started so I ran through the warm up of that to. 25 mins running, 15 of which were continuous. This has gone a long way to settle my fears for Tuesdays infamous W5R3. Feel much calmer tonight but totally cream crackered. Looking forward to a well earned lie in tomorrow and breakfast in bed if I'm lucky. I totally love this program and I now 100% trust Laura and believe every word she says.

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Congrats on a fabulous run! You are doing brilliantly, and will surely do great the rest of the program too.


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