Couch to 5K

Didn't run for a week

I didn't run since last saturday. This week would have been suppose to be Week 8 (or more another take on week 8), but I kept telling myself that it's to hot (over 30 degrees C the whole week) or that I'm to tired or have a headache etc all week.

Today is the first day that it's cloudy and only around 25 degrees and my head tells me that I should go out again. But then I'm scared.. I haven't completed week 8 and am scared I won't even manage 20 minutes, yet alone 28.

Why was I so excited about the runs early in the programme and now i can barely get myself to go outside? I need my motivation back :(

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Doh! Sorry to hear you're finding it hard :( But don't panic, I'm sure you're more than ready, especially as you've done it once before. Once you've got this far, one week won't be enough to knock you off balance. And once you get yourself through the first run, you'll remember why you loved it. Forget about increasing speed or anything else, just give it a go and you'll thank yourself later.


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