Gait or not to Gait

Looks like I'm hooked, so looking at other blogs I'd decided to get this checked out and buy a decent pair of trainers. I've phoned a couple of shops about this and because I really only intend to run on trails (not roads) I've been told that a gait test is not necessary and just to buy a trail pair. Any thoughts on this as I'm a bit confused and don't want to put myself at risk of injury?

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  • I think you should still get gait analysed! I nordic walk and got a pair of hybrid shoes that are suitable for walking or jogging on trails or roads. I over pronate and was fitted with shoes that help correct that. I tend to wear those shoes over the fields and tracks and the more bouncy less grippy shoes on the roads.

  • Yep, get your gait analysed; best safe than sorry.


  • Perhaps what they really mean is that manufacturers don't seem to cater for much variety of gait in their trail shoes?

  • Its correct that there isnt as many support shoe options in trail shoes but thats no reason not to be anaylised especially as its free at good running shops

  • Just come back with my new Asics Gel Cumulus 13 - had gate analysis done and came out neuteral foot strike and this shoe I'm told will be perfect for the type of trail running I do - guy knew exactly where I ran so understood conditions, also got a foot mould done just to be on the safe side and combined they feel great and supportive - out to christen them in the morning, WK7 R2!

    Thanks for all your comments.

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