To Gait or not to Gait

Well after reading various post on the pro's and cons of gait analysis I decided to see if it was worth the effort and suprisingly it was my gait is reasonably normal but I pronate my left foot which would explain the mild pain I get in my left hip it is not enough to affect my running so can be corrected with insole so quite happy with that. I can only think one cause could have been the 11 years of doing the bleep test which also knackered my knees. So all I would say is if you are wavering like I was it is worth getting it done.


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  • Had to Google the bleep test! Oh my gawd, shuttle runs, I can smell the PE hall back at school even just thinking about it 😲

  • 😱😱

  • Last year I tried to go back as a part timer serviceman and I had to do the shuttles and bearing in mind I was 53 at the time and had to do the same as the spotty youths it hurt like hell but I suppose it has helped with this I haven't had many problems and probably I left the gremlins at the door on the way in.

  • The gait test is only very short. No worries at all.

  • Yes, definitely, good decision! Since the sports physio said that not having decent shoes was the reason for my injury I would now urge everyone to get it done. I keep think if only I had done it sooner... Putting it off is not worth getting injured for!

  • How are you doing Melly? Miss your posts. Guess you're still on the IC, but hopefully getting better?

  • Hi Iben! So sweet of you to ask. It hasn't seemed to be aching so much at the end of the day over the last couple of days and I did about 5k worth of walking today and it seems ok at the moment. Think I'm a good week or two away from being able to test a run but I'm getting there!

    Have bought some new running gear in the meantime so I stay motivated to get back on track once I'm recovered.

    Thanks for checking on me :) Still hanging around the forum to stay motivated!!! :)

  • Good to hear that things are going in the right direction. And I'm so glad you're still hanging around the forum, spreading your good vibes!

  • Aww thanks Iben! I'm virtually running through everyone on here at the moment so it's good vibes in both directions :)

  • I bought new stuff when I was injured , it really motivated me to feel I was still part of this even though I couldn't run for a couple of months. Nice to have new stuff too when you start over!

  • Missed this little episode whilst away - mmmmmmm🤔 Very interesting. when I got my new shoes, They made me walk up and down a lot and then went away and got lots of shoes in different sizes and carefully fitted them.

    They were interested to fit around my heel as I have had an Achilles problem awhile back (not running, cycling, it had to be mended to start c25k). Anyway is that what they did or were you on a treadmill and filmed? Wet paper thing? Etc.? Really interested to know.

  • I had my analysis done on a treadmill got to go back to finish it off but test is in the computer so should not be a drama

  • Mine was on a treadmill and they filmed my feet. Not easy As first time on a treadmill and first time running. ,... I will get another gait analysis I think when I next get running shoes..

  • Agree with you on that!

  • It's all very interesting, learn something new every day. I've had to buy a laundry basket to put my running gear in and, even worse, I have had to find a spot to put the basket in! It never ends 🤔 I love it ! I

    still keep my new shoes on top of the box lest the other trainers sully them!

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