Got to's official: ankle stress fracture-UGH!

Just came back from the foot and ankle specialist, and with confirmation from x-rays and an MRI, I have this ankle stress fracture...not feeling too good at the moment...along with having to wear a "boot" for the next 6 weeks, I don't get to run, and I was really enjoying it. However the doctor said a stress fracture is certainly better than any actual broken bones at my 50+ age...I guess that's supposed to make me feel better right now, but I don't. According to him, I can at least continue going to my Pilates and Yoga classes as long as I don't do any balancing on the injured ankle. Even before I started running, I at least walked 4-5 miles a day, went to the gym, did some light hiking...not used to being restricted like this. I mean, I'll manage and deal with it (at least it's not a debilitating physical handicap...and if people who are worse off than me can manage every day, so can I). I'll continue to read the various blogs to keep my spirits up so I can get back to being healthy.


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14 Replies

  • Oh no ... :( so sorry to hear of your injury. That's rubbish isn't it?! At least the yoga and pilates will help with your core strength until you are up and about again. Look forward to reading your first blog when you are fighting fit again. :)

  • Oh dear, I bet you feel really fed up.

    The good news is that you can take your boot off sometimes and have a shower...

    I broke my ankle in 2010 and the boot was so painful that I had to be in plaster for 7 weeks. To have a shower I had to wear this huge limbo plastic bag on my leg...brilliant invention but weird sensation.

    Keep up your other exercise and keep your spirits up.....

  • No..really sorry to hear this Lolly188t. Must be really awful for you :(

    I have sprained my ankle (should be at week 6) and feeling bad enough about that so must be 10 times as frustrating for you.

    It's great news that you can continue to do your other exercise though and Couch to 5k will be waiting for you when your back on your feet. :) Keep your chin up.

  • So sorry to hear this. I too am 50+ and my next run will be w8r2. I know I would be gutted if I got an injury. Best wishes for a full recovery and being able to continue with the plan.

  • What a bummer! :( more spare time to read running magazines and annoy your nearest and dearest with your new found knowledge ;)

    Wishing you a speedy recovery :)

  • THANK YOU, ALL, for your uplifting comments!!! :) That's what I love about this community--great encouragement...boy, did I ever need that!!! and you know what? I WILL be reading running mags, and tho my hubby is super at hovering and taking care of me, I think I will also drive him nuts with all my new found running knowledge that I'll be absorbing (after all, since he's an engineer and constantly drives me nuts with all his scientific knowledge, I'll just return the favor--LOL!) Again, MANY THANKS for your kind, uplifting words. Keep on running (I'll just do it in my dreams until I can start up again...)

  • The trick is to realise it is NOT a setback, it is a commitment check. You sound like you have a positive frame of mind and when I got tendonitis in my knees at W6r2 and was told to rest completely for 6 weeks, I nearly quit. A good friend mentioned that I should treat it not as a set back, but as a commitment check and that definitely helped me.

    I have recently graduated and am doing my first 'official' event tomorrow - a 5k obstacle race with more than 25 obstacles, starting with an open-water swim! Bit scary, but what a way to spend my 42nd birthday!

    Good luck with your recovery and I hope it's a swift one :-)

  • OKAAAAY! After this, I won't use the word setback again...I truly am looking forward to taking up the program again (I don't like this semi-inactivity)...and so, I'm committed from here on...

  • I know exactly how you are feeling Lolly188t - I had an ankle stress fracture in week 8 of my first attempt at c25k - its just so frustrating that you cant get out and run when you have been bitten by the running bug !

    On my second attempt I sufferred from really bad shin splints when I hit the longer runs and again had to lay off the running, but have finally graduated, this time injury free for the whole 9 weeks and its a great feeling - keep the faith whilst resting those legs and you will get there in the end !

  • Wow...thank you, snowey100, for your strong input...after this, I am definitely going to give it another go. Congrats on graduating!

  • You can still do it; don't give up (I'm sure you won't). Treat it as a temporary setback from which you'll come back stronger. Two years ago my wife broke a significant bone in her foot and was "booted up" for a good while. Today it's as though it had never happened. Look forward; you'll get through this and carry on running. It'll keep on changing your life!!

  • Can't say it enough now to all those who responded...THANK YOU OldNed, for more words of encouragement. Hearing this, I know I can weather it and come back stronger. I was never able to run growing up, but when I completed 28 full minutes of running, it was such a sense of freedom and accomplishment...I'm just dreaming of getting back to that, going forward and beyond to completing the program...and you all give me the hope that I WILL...

  • Ow, what a shame! I've just come back from my first run for 4 weeks after having bad shin splints/possible tibial stress fracture. Was actually quite nervous but it was great. Know what you mean about frustration at having to "pause" the program but am sure you will back soon! Rest up, follow the medical advice, and I look forward to hearing about your return to the program soon!

  • Thank you...I may be temporarily side-lined but I am committed to getting back out there...

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