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An Epic Fail and an encounter with Lex Luther but back on track

It has been a couple of weeks since I managed to post but have been reading the blogs regularly and taking inspiration from all the stories; so let me start by saying welcome to a fantastic programme to all those who have started and massive congratulations to all the new graduates (there seems to be a lot at the moment which is fantastic) and for everyone working their way through the programme well done and keep up the good work.

Started W7 two weeks ago, no major dramas on run 1 other than picking a naff route (OK I got a bit disorientated [lost]) and ended up on the main roads which were a bit tricky to cross without breaking rhythm or ending up underneath a number 22 bus - but on the bright side discovered a new short cut. Then started to feel a bit off colour so had a six day break before tackling R2; which was going fine until just short of half way and then EPIC FAIL! Legs gave up and still wheezing when I got back home – not felt this bad since starting week1. Not a happy camper, this is the first run that I have not completed so was a bit annoyed at myself and spent the next 24 hours giving myself a very stern talking to and tried again the next day and made it (just). I am still not a 100% sure what was going on, possibly started a bit fast, perhaps my head was not in the correct place or just a bad day. Still it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Then comes R3 quite happily plodding along and minding my own business when another runner (let’s just call him Lex Luther) comes flying past me. Not the first time someone has overtaken me but never like that, lost sight of Lex as he flies round the corner. 10 minutes further on what happens? Yep you guessed it Lex (you all know what I really want to write here) Luther flies past me AGAIN. Seriously not amused. The daft thing is when I finished I managed to do 4.4KM in 25 mins which is way faster than anything I have done previously so assuming I did not suffer a technology failure what sort of pace was Lex doing?

Anyway that was the awful week 7 so just back from W8R1 which was much better, new route round another local park, almost enjoyed myself – nice sunny evening not too hot, ducks and swans in the park, nice BBQ smells. Some bright spark has even installed some obstacle course type challenges as well (no I didn’t, maybe in a couple of weeks though ;-) ). Only downside was most of this was on a grass track which seriously knocked my pace, covered a similar distance but in 31 minutes (was a bit naughty and wanted to see if I could do the 30 minutes). So feeling much happier now and looking forward to the remainder of the programme.

Happy running everyone.

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Lex is probably doing his practice runs for the Olympics, keep an eye out for him on telly and cheer him on! :-) :-) Hey, even he had to start somewhere!

Re your week 7 run2 fail, I'd guess that you might have been a bit under the weather still, by the sound of it. Your body was just screaming loudly that it needed another day of rest? If I were in your shoes I would not let my mind return to that as a fail, every run is a success because you got your bum out there!

Good luck, hope it all goes well from here on.


Loved your Blog :-) Well done keep up the good work !


Lovely blog ...made me chuckle !

I think Lex Luther has a brother and a sister who run my route occasionally, really snotty types who leg it past me in opposite directions and have never ever acknowledged me by making eye contact or anything.

I think people who have done/ are doing c25k are great and we should have some sort of hand signal or special wink so we can recognise each other !

Just thought, the proposed tee shirts would be easier......:)

Keep going, you're nearly graduated :)


Hmm... maybe the second Lex Luther who overtook you was actually his evil twin??

4.4k in 25 minutes is pretty flipping good going though - well done you!


Nice job Humpty! I encountered Lex's brother on one of my epic fail runs. I do an out and back run and he passed me on the out. No problem, but when he passed me on the back I was a bit upset because he a) new of a shortcut I didn't or b) was running at a ridiculous speed I would never be able to achieve. Whatever, some people have super powers that they use for evil or for good and the rest of us have to come to terms with being sidekicks. ;) Congrats and good luck to you on the rest of your journey. You don't have far to go now.


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