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Week 7... check! W8R1... check!

I've not written anything for over a week, mainly because once I get in from work and have ran a podcast, I've cooked dinner then too knackered for anything else except sleep lol! So I've logged in for a bit of a quick update...

Last Tuesday was the start of W7R1 and I actually enjoyed it (is that possible... running and fun put together?!) The first five minutes felt tough on my legs but once I got to about the 12.5 min mark, I started to get into it, my chest didn't hurt and neither did my legs. I never thought I'd get this feeling from running! I also forgot my comfort blanket (bottle of water) that I usually run with and I was fine up until about the 20 min mark before my mouth and throat went dry.

I felt pretty much the same on Thursday (W7R2), but Saturday (W7R3) was a bit tougher. I usually run when i get home from work, around 5.30 - 6pm and Sat's run was about 9.30am. I'm thinking it was a combination of the early morning, the wind and drizzle, and the can't be arsed-ness of it all! :D

I started W8R1 yesterday and even though it was only an extra 3 mins, I found it quite difficult. I was quite tired - maybe it was the Monday blues - I'll blame that and the music for this run! Throughout the podcasts, I've quite enjoyed the music but found this week quite supermarket-y! I've missed familiar favourites popping up from previous weeks... although I do like 'you & julie' .... I'm blaming my pants run on the music and I'm sticking to it lol!!! :D

I am still rather impressed with myself though. During W7, I changed my usual route to one I started on W1 and I'm rather impressed with the distance i can run now compared to the very first week!

Roll on W8R2 tomorrow! :)

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Running past those old checkpoints is great, isn't it? You're doing so good! There's always going to be those little "hitches" along the way, but you've got a good attitude...blame the!


Well done you are doing great? I wasn't keen on week 7 music so I ran to week6 run 3 instead. Week 8 is good, I'm happy with that. There was one song which was used in more than one podcast in the earlier weeks. It went something like "ha ha it's not so easy now" which always fell when I was done in. Lol

Good luck you still have lots of enthusiasm. I will start week 9 tomorrow, I think I will find another 2 minutes tough.


I just started week 8 and prefer the music but maybe thats just because its a change.

Well done on your runs you are doing great.


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