10K run for Macmillan, done!

I haven't blogged anything for a while, I kind of lost track of the podcasts in week 9 (so close to the end) and started doing my own thing, but without C25k to get me to that stage I never would have had a chance.

Now thanks to this amazing podcast I've managed to run 10k in 76 minutes and raised a fair amount of money for a wonderful charity.

People keep asking me if I'll keep running now I've achieved my goal, I just look at them incredulously... of course I'm going to keep running, I've got to do it in less than an hour next year :).

Anybody out there who's struggling, just keep at it, I went through the colds, shin splnts, dodgy knees, and I made it, so can you,

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  • Very, very well done Alberto, of course you are going to keep running; look where you have got to!! Next year you'll beat the hour for sure. :)


  • You've done so well with your 10k: what an amzing achievement!

  • Well done, a great achievement :) I think once the new podcasts are out I might aim for 10k (as a proper goal)!

  • Fantastic and raising money for a good cause

  • Well done

  • Very well done...I can only dream of doing 10k. :)

  • Good man; well done.

  • The most i'd done before was 6k, but I found that if you get the right pace you can go a lot further than you thought (and with the right incentives). The people cheering you on definitely helps too :).

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