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Well I've only gone and done it. W9 R3 Whoopee!!

After a gruelling day at work I came home exhausted. I started dinner for my girls, whilst pondering 'should I leave my graduation run until tomorrow'? it would have been so easy to postpone it. With my knees nearly buckling at the anticipation of this being my last C25K run, I decided to go for it.

I cant say it was easy as I have been up since early and was already feeling tired, but I did it, I took Allfie Dog with me for company and off we trotted.

I even managed to do a little bit extra, finishing at 4.1k in 33 minutes. Not sure how this pans out in the great running scheme of things, but I was happy with it.

Next on my agenda will be to sign up for a 5k race for life, but first my graduation badge awaits me!! I am so pleased with myself, Ive been grinning from ear to ear.

Best wishes to everyone, and in the words of Spencer Davies, 'keep on running'.

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Congratulations to you and Alfie


Aw bless you and thanks. And Im sure you can do this too. Good luck.


Can Alfie have a graduation badge as well? I reckon he deserves it too!


Congratulations! 5k for life is a great target.


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