Couch to 5K

Park Runs have given me my running focus

I graduated approx a month a go and decided to try our local Park Run. Oh how i enjoyed it, probably because there were about 50 people that finished behind me so that gave me some confidence, though there was no stigma surrounding being the last person in, it was just something my own confidence benefitted from.

So the next week I ran again and knocked 38 seconds off the week before. The next day i went out and upped my running to 6k, and it really wasnt too bad. When i graduated i didnt really know how to continue with my running and as i enjoy the Park Runs so much I have now decided they are going to be my weekly timed run and I now intend to up my running by 1k a week or fortnight depending how it goes.

We were away last Saturday so couldnt do the Park Run so had ran a few 6k runs at a slower speed than i had run the last Park Run so this week i was nervous as to if i could up my pace again for the 5k. The wind was a nightmare, for 2k i had to run into a head wind, it was awful, but somehow i managed to knock 2 seconds off my pb so i ran 5k in 28.40. When running my 6k runs i have got to 5k in 30 so you do raise your game at the park runs. Talking to a more experienced runner on Saturday he said if i keep extending my own runs and run slower than my 5k speed my strength will improve and the 5k times will improve on their own.

Just thought some of you now graduating may like to know how some of us continue. My husband is now running and we do run apart for the Park Run but child minding permitting he is doing the other runs with me at my pace, he does leave me the last 1-2k but its nice all the same. We are trying a 7k route tonight whilst little un is at cubs

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Perfect! Running seems to be all sorted :) Your time of 28.40 is really good; it's taken me 18 months to get to that speed!!


You're doing really well, impressive time too !


Gosh you are a proper runner! I would like to do a park run but having looked at the results of our nearest, I could well be last, give or take! Not sure my confidence could take that! Will try and build up my distance and hope the speed will follow. Thanks for a helpful post! :)


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