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Park runs are brilliant!

Attending a park run with my daughter made me realise how unfit I was, which motivated me to start the couch to 5k programme. I am now on week 7 and doing ok (I think!)

I attended the Hoblingwell course at St Pauls Cray. All the volunteers were encouraging and there were lots of walkers which helped. Park Runs are free and run by volunteers and nobody minds if you walk / jog, there's always a back marker so you won't be last!

I hadn't heard of Park Runs before my introduction to them by my daughter, which is why I am posting this!

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You don't need to "think" 😪 that you are doing well puffinggran (strange username) you are doing very well. Just to get to week 7 is in itself excellent👍😊. You will do very well in a parkrun especially if you are running with your daughter.


"Why are you puffing granny" asks my 4 year old granddaughter, hence puffinggran!

Children will always say it as they see it


Well done you.. many folk love the Park Runs.. take it steady and enjoy!


Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

This guide to the plan may still contain useful advice, despite you being well on in the process healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Parkrun is people power at its best.

Enjoy your journey.


thank you


that link was very helpful, thank you again


Woohoo week 7 that's great puffinggran!

Parkrun is relatively new in Canada - I'm hoping it catches on, I'd love to have one in my community. Right now the closest is a 2 hour drive away.


Heard from a cousin in Edmonton Alberta they had snow a couple of days ago; arrived early. Wouldnt fancy going out in that.


I have not done a Parkrun in months. I have done 24 so far. I’ll be out tomorrow morning at my local Parkrun with my 9 year old Son for support.😀


I saw a news report about 14 years of park runs this morning. I graduated in July and have been working up to a park run with the hope of doing one in 2 weeks on my 65th birthday. However, the one shown on tv had over 1500 runners and that has put me off a bit. I am used to running by myself and feel daunted about running with loads of people. Not sure what to do now, although your post is encouraging.


I would have a look at it first as I am told that some runs are more competitive than others. The one I attended was definitely new runner / walker friendly so I felt very welcome. They are supposed to be designed around inclusivity, however since posting this I have heard some are quite competitive so take a stroll down there and have a peek first!

Will be interested what you find.


Thanks, that’s good advice. I could do that next Saturday and then run the week after if I fancy it. I’ll let you know what I find.


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