Can't believe it!! For those just starting

I was 6st overweight and started a diet, having lost 2 st i decided to stop smoking and start running. I haven't run in over 20 years and wk 1 was a nightmare, i really thought i was going to die. Well i survived and on wednesday i will run 25 minutes and finish wk 6, its taken me 8 wks to get this far because wk4 for some reason i really struggled and reapeated a few times.

My message is this, for those starting out its amazing how quickly the body adapts and if you just stick at it you really will start to enjoy running, i've even signed up for a 5k in august x


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  • Very inspirational - well done you! You are so right - the pla really works and to see such immediate improvments in your own fitness is so motivational. Good luck for your 5K - we will all be with you in spirit cheering you on jinnie

  • Thank you twinkle :)

  • Good running, jinnie! Isn't it just amazing to live the metamorphosis from couch potato to runner!?!?

    This programme is just the most wonderful thing I've done in quite a while...still just soooo happy to be able to run!

    Keep at it, and have fun!

  • Gosh well done you! What a fantastic story! You are so nearly there. I look forward to reading the graduation blog! :)

  • Family and friends are totally shocked at the change in me over the last 6 months and now with the running they think i've gone totally bonkers. My 21 yr old stepson is not impressed that i can run further than him lol

  • Well done Jinnie, reading your post was like looking in a mirror. I too was overweight lost 2 stone and decided to start the programme- nearly killed me to start with and it took me 7 months instead of 9 weeks to get to the end- I did week 4 5 and 6 about 4 times each LOL. I run for 30 minutes 3 times a week and I am slowly(!) getting further and further- might actually hit 5km in the next couple of months. I am in no rush as I plan to be a lifelong runner now.

    Keep pounding the trainers.


  • That's fantastic to hear! It's really exciting to read such motivational stories and to know so many people are gaining so much happiness from this program!

    So happy for you, keep at it and good luck :)

  • Thanx ladies i would definately recommend it to anyone its done wonders for me :)

  • Wow, very inspirational story. My first day was Monday, I've been a smoker for years and I'm carrying a bit of weight so I found the run very difficult. I thought that was down to the lifestyle I led and wondered whether I should give up to save myself from all the embarrassment, but your story has given me the drive to push on through this difficult stage and reap the rewards. Thanks for sharing ; - )

  • Thank you, that means a lot, definately stick at it and when you feel that you will never control your breathing keep faith it will come, i don't struggle with it now at all and at the start i was gasping :) It really works good luck

  • Similar story here, not run since school, at least 11 stone over ideal weight when I started.

    Currently starting week 6, lose 3 stone due to proper diet and excercise, still have a few breathing issues but I can jog upstairs without getting out of breath.

    Such a great programme, really helped me focus on the excercise and something to achieve.

  • Well done Zagel, the breathing will definately come, i finished wk 6 this morning so hopefully soon :)

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