Couch to 5K

Another run, hopefully no seagull rescuing today :)

So today is the start of my new focused self, I have been a slack arse and I don't want it to carry on, I can feel my fitness dropping! going to have a good run after nursery run in a bit, Hopefully there won't be any injured animals to scupper my new found enthusiasm :)

Have missed you all on here, feel I've let you down.

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You're back; that's the main thing! I can't talk because I've not been very devoted but I'd say you should celebrate being aware of fitness levels dropping and more than that, getting onto doing something about it.

May you be back and better than ever! XD


Welcome back.

I was worried about not keeping up the runs once I graduated too but I have started B210K (not that I am that bothered about being able to run 10km) to keep me focussed until running becomes a habit rather than something that I have to remember to do. Though I guess if I can run 10km, 5km will seem like a rest day. I also took the big step and registered for park runs yesterday, next step is to actually do it. I might do a reccy this weekend and lurk in the bushes! Then the local running club beckons.

For me its important to make plans to continue otherwise I will forget to go or get bogged down by time pressures. Running is my me time and I want to keep it :)


Hello Pat! Its your sis here. Off for my last week 3 run in a mo. New trainers at the ready, gait analysed today. Hoping for great things...


Yay! My big sis has got the bug :) You will be flying with your new trainers, What did your analysis say then? do you have a wonky gait???


Very wonky - the video was funny / embaressing. My right foot seems to flap inwards towrds my left calf! Very high instep apparently. The new trainers didn't work last night. Failed to complete the final 3 min run, only managed 2 mins. I'm blaming the heat - not used to sunshine


Ah the heat gets me every time, |I love to run in the rain :)


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