w7d2 - another hard run

Just finished week 7 day 2 (25mins running) and just like Monday's run it was really hard. I know I started off too quickly again meaning I ran out of steam really quickly. The last 23 minutes :-) of the run was pretty hard.

I have also labelled one part of the field as "the pig" - it is uphill and very exposed to the wind and my pace means it is where my run starts and where my run ends - it really is a pig.

Anyways, I managed to keep going, even if it did feel like I was falling over and just managing to get my foot out in time at some parts.

Hopefully things will improve for the Friday run otherwise I might repeat this week until 25mins feels comfortable.

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  • See how things go, but I wouldn't necessarily repeat the week. W8 and 9 are just more of the same, just a couple of minutes longer. There really is no real gain in repeating a week if you manage all the runs. 

  • Thanks JaySeeSkinny.

    I think this is the first week (other than week1) where I really had to push - all the other weeks felt like I was stretching myself, but still sustainable. 

    It is the definition of 'manage' - these two runs the definition has been 'by the skin of my teeth'.

  • Regardless to how hard it felt you did it and "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". I agree with JaySeeSkinny; don't look back and move on, there's no reason to repeat a run you completed.

  • Still done though! And next week it's just 3 extra mins. You can consolidate as much as you like after graduation until you're really happy with 30 mins. 

  • I struggled to complete w7r2 - it was so hard!  But today have just done w7r3 and it felt so much easier.  That's not easy, but easier!  Certainly manageable.  I made sure that I had eaten a snack about 2 hours before running.  I don't really know if that actually helped, but psychologically I felt like I had more energy. 

  • Thanks all - I think you are right - w7d3 on Friday then next week w8d1! 

  • If you are completing the runs, move on I say. The increases are small now so these weeks are mostly about consolidation. 

  • I know what you mean about only just managing the longer runs, W8R1 nearly finished me off on Monday! I trust the fab forum folk though, they've all been there and know how it goes. Lets stick with the plan 😊

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