Couch to 5K

Week 2 Run 1.... done!

I did it! Perhaps it was because I went straight from reading the community blog to my running shorts and bright yellow t-shirt and out of the door to pound the pavement, but I feel great! Positive reinforcement really does help, so this is a tactic I may adopt in future to keep myself motivated. I did the 90-second run with hardly any issues, the only thing I noticed which did become quite painful towards the end was in the arches of my feet and towards the outside of each one. I do have special running shoes but I have a tendency to run on the balls of my feet, so I think this method might be causing a bit of strain. Also Laura's hint about landing on the heel of the foot whilst running might be something I'll have to bear in mind for next time... but on the whole, a great start to my second week. Looking forward to Tuesday!

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well donre you are really doing well.


Great going. I think that's a really good point about positive reinforcement - perhaps it's kind of like 'get your head in the game' stuff; I know I always feel like a run if I've been reading running stuff - especially like the Barefoot runner book that I recently found recommended on here (not that I'll be doing any ultras anytime soon!)


Ooooh i am jealous I am stuck repeating Wk1 and think I may be going for the third repeat next week. 90 seconds seems long I am just about doing 60! :)


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