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Starting W2R1 this evening....ulp!!

I'm an night-time runner - try as I might, I can't get up an hour or so earlier in the morning before I have to get off to work, and I daren't run between 6.30 (when I get home from work) and 9.30 p.m. due to the amount of catcalling I get from kids on our estate (already been there, done that, and it's so demotivating it's enough to put you off completely). Finished week 1 on Thursday - got through the first 2 runs pretty well, but the last one on Thursday was horrendous as I developed a stitch, most likely because I'd only had my tea about 2 hours previously (bad idea). I was going to repeat the last run of Week 1 this evening before moving on to Week 2, but having read some of the encouraging comments towards other people at the same stage as me, I'm tempted to say "OK, I've done my 3 runs - they weren't all good but the fact is I've done them - I can now move on". I feel excited about it already - do you get new toons to listen to as well?? Looking forward to it now!!

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Hope it goes well come back and let us know.


Well done, go to week2. Each week has new music but lets just say that that is not necessarily a good thing ;)


LOL, I'll bear that in mind :) I'm actually finding myself humming the week 1 tunes away from listening to the podcast, i.e. when I'm in work or doing the dishes. I'm sure that's probably not the intention but at least it seems to having some sort of effect on me! Really looking forward to getting out in about 45 mins' time, thanks for the encouragement!


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