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week 5run 3 (2nd attempt)

Yesterday I tried again the 20 minutes run and I cannot believe but I did it. I want to be honest with you and I cheated a little, I walked half a song around the minute 12 but after just around 90 seconds I decided to start running again and I finished and completed the run. I am quite sure that snails in the park were faster than me but I did it.

I feel amazing and I am looking forward to the first run of week 6 that seems too easy now.

Thank you very much for all your support and good luck for those of you that are now doing week 5. It is a very hard week but you feel amazing after that.

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Well done and awesome attitude for keeping going. I reckon completing w5r3 is when you start to believe anything is possible - I know I did so keep going :D


Good going, arita! That first longer run is really an achievement, and you made it! Keep up the good work!


Well done, I am sure it will get a lot easier now!


Well done, keep going, found it hard to believe I got this far too, just a great feeling


Oooh well done and thank you for leaving this - I am week 5 and did my run 2 today which was fine. I feel really fired up for run 3 and I so dont want it to beat me! Keep going, we'll get there x


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