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Did anyone actually enjoys running or only the feeling afterwards?

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I have tried running several times and attempting to start this training course in the near future so was thinking if it is just me or there are people out there that feel similar. I hate every minute while running and always think to myself why on earth I am punishing myself. It is the feeling after my run that I love - a sense of achievement that I have done it which keeps me going.

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If I am honest I don't love the running every time but like you always love it afterwards. However, there are some days when everything just clicks at it feels amazing through out the run and for a long time afterwards...this is what keeps me going.


I have always loved the feeling afterwards, but haven't always enjoyed the runs. It's only in the last couple of weeks that I've really really enjoyed myself whilst running. I think it's since I started interval training. I find those sessions REALLY tough which means my slow, long plodding runs doing up to 8K is a bit of light relief!


Sometimes yes sometimes no. Like everything in life I think, 10% hateful, 10% fab and 80% "yeah well whatever it wasOK" :-)

Love the post run feeling, love smaller trousers, love feeling justified buying more kit, love to feel part of something. There is way more to it than just the run.

Did a ten mile run this morning, 90 minutes of unadulterated purgatory but I'll be out again in a couple of days. 8-)


I hate the first 10 mins of every single run but after that it goes one of 3 ways:

1. I hate the whole lot but feel great when it is done

2. I start to enjoy it but am glad when it is time to stop

3. I start to enjoy it and end up feeling so good that I just keep going past the end point I planned

Apart from the toxic ten every run there is no rhyme or reason to it and I never know which one of the three it is going to be until I get through those first ten mins. Thankfully 2 & 3 outnumber 1 more often than not

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Great reply, my feeling exactly:) I also like the feeling of having to get up at ridiculous o'clock because if I didn't have to run I would just stay in bed!


It is always good afterwards, sometimes the run itself is a bit of a struggle, other times it feels fabulous! :-)


i hate putting my trainers on, and every minuit of jogging also the hour after jogging as thats how long it takes for my face to return to a normal colour but desperate to improve fitness and loose weight so i keep doing it :-/


Some runs are just crap from start to finish and afterwards it takes me a while to realise it wasn't that crap, I did get off my butt and do some exercise.

Other runs are great, I quickly finding my pace and I'm not panting like a dog chasing a bone and i enjoy every minute of it. I usually end up running further than ive ever run when im on these runs.The feeling I get when it's like this is; I was born to run! These runs are the ones that have caused me to love running :)


It's always a great feeling afterwards, rarely a great feeling when you are doing it! Second half of any run is better and it is definitely easier on some days than others.


I guess I am in the minority, because I truly enjoy the running. I run outdoors, and the scenery and seeing others on the trail is very nice. I also like pushing myself, because I remember just a few weeks ago I could barely do the Week 1 podcast.

I will admit that I find running on the treadmill EXTREMELY boring. I have a TV set up in front of mine, but even that still doesn't fully relieve my boredom. I think I will always prefer running outside. At least I am going somewhere; even if it is just up the trail and back to the car.


I am a bit of a clock watcher whilst running so I wouldn't say I love it. I don't hate it either. I always think how disappointed I would feel if I stopped and how amazing I feel after completing the entire run. Plus, how much wine or chocolate I can eat that night without it really having any effect on my weight!!

I am about to start week 9 and hope I am motivated to continue with the runs afterwards!!


Agree totally with AliB1 and Nikki1975. I have just returned from a week in Crete and even managed 2 runs whilst there and this is the person you have to peel off that sun lounger. I really can't believe it myself :-)


I was really interested to see your question and all the responses; they pretty much reflect my experience. I enjoyed the programme, partly I think because there was an end point, but I found motivating myself to continue to run x3 a week difficult sometimes, but have stuck with it (mostly). I started the programme partly as a result of a conversation with a work collegue, who had done a number of charity runs - she told me that she often didn't enjoy it...this was a bit of a revelation and so I decided to give it a go! Like others I like the fact that I feel in much better shape I have also lost about 10lb without having to diet which was a beneficial bi-product as I wasn't particularly aiming to loose weight.

I have found that I enjoy it more when I am not to hard on myself. If its hot and I have had a long day, I might have to stop and walk a little, if that happens more than once in a row, I go back to w9 of the podcasts (despite being a bit tired of the music) to regain confidence in myself. i also have a look at the blogs, which sput me on. Having got to the point where I can run 5k I dont want to slip back into old habbits.


I'm glad you asked this question because it made me step back and think about my motivation for doing this. To begin with I wanted to prove to myself that I could run for 60 seconds without dropping down dead. I wanted to get fit. I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to be 30 years younger! After 5 weeks I've come to realise that however hard it is to get through at times I'm heading towards a future when I can run and enjoy the feeling I lost so many decades ago.

Running is the most natural thing in the world for humans and we've simply lost it. We've become so sedentary and live such contrived lives. I guess I'm simply saying that I feel like a living human being running around in this beautiful world of ours and I love that!


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