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Since when did running become the easy option?!

5x50 Challenge

Day 11

Since finding a use for the old rowing machine on Sunday I have done two days of walking 5k (which takes me approx. one hour), one day of running 5 k and today I went to a 'step' class (which was fun but one hour of hard work). As the title says I actually find the running days the easier option at the moment, at least it only takes half an hour and it's what I'm used to.

I'm having to pinch myself because I have done more in the last 11 days than the last 6 months!

I think I might swim tomorrow as a good stretch is needed.

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Ha ha! I did a 40 minute walk today, at a brisk pace, to see what sort of pace I would keep up. Hadn't realised that I haven't actually done much walking for a couple of months, since I started c25k, because I've been running instead (other than warm up and cool down).

So I ended up with an aching hip! :O My hips have been absolutely fine all the way through 11 weeks of running! Nothing major though, as it's fine now I'm back home, but it did seem a bit odd that walking was less comfortable than running - as well as taking longer.

Still, my walking pace was definitely faster than it used to be. So next time, I'll take it a bit more gently, I think! I think tomorrow's run might be a short one.

Don't overdo those stretches now! :)


Yes, walking now seems less comfortable than running; it is strange how our bodies and capabilities change!

The swim will be my stretch and I can't wait :)


Good for you doing so much and you sound as if your enjoying the challenge. :-)

> As the title says I actually find the running days the easier option at the moment,

> at least it only takes half an hour and it's what I'm used to.

I know exactly what you mean. When I did 5x50 last year, walking 5km took so long - although I sometimes split that into a 2km walk to the PO and another walk later in the day. I found cycling the most tiring, but that's because I always went further than 5km. I figured that it took me so long to get ready (although I don't know why it took longer to get into cycling clothes than running clothes?), and getting my bike out of the shed, that I may as well do at least an hour.


I remember reading your blogs, especially about the cycling! I am splitting the walks most of the time. I need to phone a few friends and see if they can join me to make the time go quickly!


Mmmm. I'm now wondering whether maybe I need to cut things back a bit - I think I've probably moved up gears a bit too fast, as I've felt very tired and washed out this week. Adding in an extra 30 minutes a day on rest days, from zero, is quite a big jump, especially on top of doing 50 minute sessions when 35 would be following the 10% rule. So I'm writing this down, to try to remind myself to be careful and do a bit less for the next few days. :)


Really listen to your body and if you're feeling tired/drained then you're right to cut things back a bit. The 10% rule is key!


Thanks :)


Well done - that's impressive.

You've just inspired me to sign up for the challenge - I think I need to start work now on increasing my exercise days before I start the challenge proper, otherwise I'll be crawling a 5k!


Yes! Another to join us :) Don't forget to join the NHS Couch to 5k team!! :)


that's me joined.

Entered reminder to self in diary & just realised it starts Easter Sunday - OMG I stopped alcohol for Lent so just as I can drink again I start this challenge! Oh well, what is life without a challenge?!


Wow, you are doing fab! Don't think I could manage it!


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