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I seem to go faster when I walk than jog! Help!


I've just completed W4R1 and am overwhelmed to be able to run for 5 minutes! BUT...it appears that my 'light jog' is only just a little bit faster than my 'brisk walk'! Does it matter at this stage? Should I not worry about it and concentrate on building the stamina and endurance to get to running for 30 minutes? I'm an (extremely overweight) ex-pat living in Western Australia following the programme and I feel a bit out on my own! Any and all advice will be very welcome. Thank you.

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Don't worry about speed at this time at the moment the important thing is that you can run for the allotted time. Speed will come later.

I graduated at the end of March and most of the time still think I could walk faster than my run!


Exactly what AliB1 said. Forget about speed, for now, that'll come later. It's not uncommon to hear of folk with a faster brisk walk that jentle jog. And it makes sense too, really. the movement is completely different. You body understands and is used to the movement of a walk, it's been doing it for a lot longer than it has running. It's only natural that you'd be better at it.


I am on week 7 and I definetely can walk faster than run still but I am not woriied it will come with time.


Feels like that for me to but since i got my garmin I discovered that my run is faster than my walk. What is really strange is that sometimes I think I have run really really slow but when I get home I find that I have actually run faster than usual.

As everyone has said, don't worry about your speed, just concentrate on getting to the end.You will get faster as you progress and get fitter, I promise. I know its disheartening when others are posting 5kms at 25 mins but they were probably an awful lot fitter/slimmer/younger/all the above when they started than us mere mortals that can only dream about a 30 min 5km even after graduation. For those of us that are chunky runners, it takes a lot more effort for us to run than the skinnies, so we are working harder and doing more even though they might be a bit faster (at the moment!). My run today burned 590cals which is great!

TBH I don't compare my speed to anyone else anymore. My goal is now to complete B210K which will get me running for an hour. Once I can do this 5km will be a doddle and the time will take care of itself.

Good luck, just relax and enjoy your running. This is your journey, not a race.You should be proud of yourself, what you have achieved so far and what you will go on to achieve in the future.


I'm a slowbie. I'd quite like to complete the triple graduation and do 5k in 30 minutes but as a very good supportive friend pointed out recently, given my particular health difficulties, just doing what I am doing may be my limit. It depends what your aim is. Running is a different action to walking and for all its risks, I believe it is better for improving bone density. I actually started the programme when I found I couldn't really do a brisk walk for longer than 30 minutes and was finding it painful. I think with a steady pace that suits you you do gain all sorts of benefits - and running for an hour probably has benefits that 30 minutes doesn't even run faster.


I too run in slow motion! ;) I don't let it worry me, so long as I'm still moving (occasionally I need to look down to check on that) ;D


Hi from another tortoise!

My heart sinks when there are walkers on the path in front of me.

I just know it will be a huge effort just to overtake them, it make me run a wee bit quicker and my posture improves :)

My big tip - gentle downhill slopes ; I love them .

Seriously though, well done for getting out there.

Thank you so much everyone...thank goodness there's some like me out there! I'm inspired to keep going and will step out tomorrow a proud chunky tortoise!

I've set a goal of completing the Perth City to Surf in 2013...they'll just have to turn the streetlights on for me! ;)

I was just about to ask the same question lol great to see I’m not the only Shire Horse! I’m on W4R1 👍


Running isn't about the speed you move at; it's the action of moving forward with both feet off the ground. This produces stresses on your body that walking can't do. If you build up slowly, your body will adapt to the stress - you will get fitter! If you go too fast, your body won't be able to cope with the stress and you risk burnout and/or injury.

You've got it exactly right - concentrate on stamina before speed. It sounds like you're doing brilliantly. 👏👏👏

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