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Should I be trying to jog/run faster at Wk6?


Advice please! I’ve just completed W6R2 and tbh still amazed that I have got this far at all. The thing that’s bothering me now (apart from pain in the knee) is whether I should be aiming to go faster now in order to reach the average 5k in 30 minutes?

I know the app doesn’t set specific distances/times etc but just want to make sure I get as close to the 5k in 30 minutes as I can and I don’t feel close enough at the moment! Scared I’ve been taking the ‘slow’ running too literally and am behind where I really should be? TIA 😳😬

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I would say don't worry about the speed that can come later. The aim of C25K is to run for 30 minutes at a speed that works for you. Most of us on this forum will not achieve 5K in 30 minutes. Make this a goal beyond graduation. Just keep doing what you're doing and enjoy the journey.

Littlegem2107Graduate in reply to Redcat19

Thank you, that has really helped as a reality check for me. As you say I’m doing okay with what I’m doing so no rush to get to that by the end of the 9 weeks - or a while after!


No definitely not the way you're running is getting you to the end of each run . Don't worry about speed that is something you can work on if you like when you complete c25k . You are doing great 😊

Littlegem2107Graduate in reply to Buddy34

Thank you for the encouragement, I hadn’t thought of it like that - I’m getting to the end of each session without stopping so must be doing something right.


You should be exactly where you are... there are very few folk who run 5K in the 30 minutes...The name is an oxymoron... Couch to 30 minutes is not as catchy... :)

No such thing as too slow... you run at a comfortable pace... conversational pace and enjoyable happy pace... :)

Slow rocks.. slow gets us to the most amazing places... it got me to a HM at the age of nearly 69!!! Slow is whatever your slow is:)

Relax.. and go into those lovely longer runs and let the legs , the newly forming running legs do their thing... start slow, stay slow... and just enjoy!

You are awesome.. believe it:)

Littlegem2107Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Wow that’s amazing, well done you. What a fantastic achievement! It’s great to hear from people with experience and just knowing others have succeeded going nice and slow is so inspiring, so thank you for taking the time to reply!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Littlegem2107

You're welcome.. it is what I am here for and I am so lucky to be part of so many folks adventures...:)


"pain in the knee" - absolutely you should not be trying to run faster.

We've done ourselves a dis-service by using the name C25K for this program. Most folks on this forum do not run 5km at graduation - see this poll:

C25K is a convenient, catchy brand-name but it is inaccurate.

C2r430m3xi1w is much closer to the truth, but instantly forgettable. You are expected to run for 30 minutes at the end of the program. Speed and distance are not relevant.

Littlegem2107Graduate in reply to MarkyD

Thank you for your response and directing me to that poll - that is really useful and helps me a lot knowing not everybody reaches that but still graduate!

The pain in my knee I have found seems to be under my kneecap but it doesn’t hurt when running, it’s usually after but only when I do certain movements, for example kneeling on it is extremely painful and lifting my foot to the side to put my sock on etc. It’s really bizarre! I’m making sure I’m stretching before I start the warm up walk but maybe need to concentrate on stretching after as well (which I read earlier is a good idea)!


I didn't make 5k in 30 mins at graduation, I have since made 5k but still not in 30mins : )

BUT because I can't run 5k in 30 mins I learnt to run for 45mins : )

Littlegem2107Graduate in reply to backintime

Thank you for your reply, wow 45 minutes is amazing!! I would be so pleased if I could do that. I’m going to ignore the pace and distance and just concentrate on the duration from now on I think and see where that takes me!


I'd go the pace you feel comfortable with ,and only you can judge that. I'm on week6 and steady is the key for me . Hopefully speed will come in time.✌

Littlegem2107Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply, I am going to stick to the pace I’m doing and see where that takes me. Now I know you don’t have to achieve the 5k in 30 minutes it’s less pressure and I can enjoy what I can do, rather than what I can’t! 👍🏻


Don’t worry about the distance, the aim of C25K is to get you running (jogging) for 30minutes. Once you’ve completed the 9 weeks you can build on it as you want.

Littlegem2107Graduate in reply to Cyclelizzy

Thank you - as you say plenty of time for building it up after that, makes sense!


Echoing what everyone else says, it's the time spent running that matters. I've built up to running 5k+ since graduating but mu best time for 5k is a shade over 34 minutes. I think the furthest I've ran in 30 mins is about 4.2k. When I graduated, I was doing about 3.75k in the 30 mins.

The key thing is that you (like almost every one of us who have followed this plan) are now running non-stop for longer and further than you probably ever did before you started. That in itself is a huge and very real achievement.

Use the plan to run for 30 minutes. Once you can do that,m start building by adding a couple of extra minutes, or a couple of 100m to one run each week. The longer and further you can run, will help you build up the speed to go faster on shorter runs.

Just keep on doing what you're doing, enjoy it, and your best will continue to get better.

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