Was in such a dither about this run. Really looking forward to the sense of achievement of getting it done. Terrified of the disappointment if I didn't finish it. Fortunately I'm celebrating. I have never ever in my life run (ok staggered) for that long timewise....and apparently I'll be doing it again next week.

Nest run is a 5k Parkrun on Saturday ...but that's definitely a run walk ... I'll be trying run 90s walk 50s intervals after a brisk 5 min warm up walk. trying to improve on my PB of 41:41. Last time I used r70w50 intervals for a time of 43:33

You don't have to graduate before trying a parkrun, just warn the marshalls that you might be slow ...my first one took 53:30 and I wasn't last. The ground doesnt eat you up if you do come last ...you just get the finishing funnel and cheerers all to yourself.

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  • Well done on achieving the seemingly impossible (w5r3 is looming already for me at the end of next week!). Have a great fun run.

  • well done, nice to hear success stories I have this one to tackle tomorrow night.

  • Well done, you! I have this run on Sunday - on my first morning of my holiday in Austria! I have a flat run at home, so we'll see what sort of terrain I can find on holiday. Fingers crossed!

  • I'm envious of your holiday location ... Suss out where the nearest coffee house is to the end of your run and celebrate ... have a slice of Linzer Torte for me or Sacher Torte or Kaiser Schmarren or.. or.. or ... (drools at the thought of an Austrian Coffee House). Hopefully you are staying by a lake ...its usually flat around the edge of a lake.

  • Well done! I will be there this time next week, and reading what you said about how you felt before matches what I just posted exactly- I'm all ready terrified/excited. It's great to hear you've done so well with it. Good luck for the park run :)

  • Well done, I did it yesterday and was so frightened of having to stop! Thanks for the info about the parkruns, interesting to know walk/run is acceptable.

    Good luck for Week 6!

  • Thanks for all the congrats and good luck to those who have yet to do it.

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