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Parkrun... Done!

I did it. Despite a sad day yesterday (lost one of my dogs suddenly and unexpectedly) I did what I'd promised myself, got up and ran parkrun. Not sure how I did, but I got round without stopping. First time I've run without the podcast or music, and I didn't track the run so I found it difficult to pace myself. I know I was finding it hard work by the last kilometre. I'll let you all know my time when I get it later today.

The parkrun itself is a brilliant experience. I've never taken part in anything like this before. I totally recommend it to everyone.


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Well done Duncan, glad to hear that the park run isn't too scary.

Sorry to hear about your dog, it is so upsetting.


Sorry to hear about your dog :(

I'm just in from my 2nd parkrun..and I found it really hard today. Not sure if it was the heat or not and according to my garmin i was about 30 seconds slower than last week so not happy! I bet your time was 10 mins faster than mine :)


So sorry to hear about your dog, Its like losing one of the family. I hope your ok

Well done on the Parkrun! Now you've run the course you should find it easier to pace yourself next time. Your brave to try it :)



Sad news about the dog :(

Great news about the Parkrun! Well done for going through with it when you had a genuine reason not to :)


Really sorry about your dog Duncan, you were very brave to go out and do that Parkrun, hope you are ok buddy xx

Thanks for posting and well done for completing it. It must have been strange to run without music. Glad you enjoyed the experience.


Well done and thanks for posting this - it makes those of us anticipating a parkrun a little more confident.


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