Today done w2 r2 and have a huge craving for chocolate! I have lost 17lbs doing high protein, low carb diet and sessions with a personal trainer, but since last week starting this programme am not in the mood for normal food but craving and giving in to chocolate. Am not going to lose any weight at this rate, despite running 3 times a week and training twice with trainer. Anyone else experienced this? Have not done this before a d when I have a sweet craving am usually more than happy with fruit.


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  • Could be the lack of carbs making you crave a sweet fix as its the easiest fuel for your body to convert to energy. Maybe have a bit more carbs at your meal before you exercise. I also have a bar of 70% chocolate for a treat without too much sugar. It's good when you get used to it. If 70% is too bitter try 60%. We all need a treat now and again. Good luck with the programme

  • Thank you, will give this a try because I really don't want to undo the good work I have done already. Quite enjoying the programme even though it is a struggle I feel great once have done the run!

  • Definitely give this a go. I now keep a 70% bar in the fridge and it only seems to take one segment to cure the chocolate craving. I used to hate dark chocolate but now find milk chocolate too sickly!

  • Well done for your weight loss so far :) Ive been dieting for a couple of months and have kind of lost my sweet tooth but yesterday I just fancied something chocolatey. Whenever I feel like that I tend to just give in to it otherwise I feel like I'm depriving myself which tends to spell the end of the diet. I remember a couple of months back there was a study which claimed that regular chocolate eaters have lower bmi's. Obviously I could just be choosing the science I like to hear but I have lost 29lbs since March so I'm assuming that so long as I'm not binging on chocolate a bar here and there is not going to hurt :)

  • well done with the weight loss but just be careful. I did low/no carb diet and weight fell off me-but as soon as you so much as sniff a slice of toast it creeps back on. I havent lost any weight until this week when the exercise seems to have kicked in. Week 6 and i dont do any other exercise. Yes the high cocoa chocloate does work and you dont need much.Also no-one else in the house likes it, so it doesnt disappear! Bananas are a good sweet fix. Carry on all your good work.

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