Couch to 5K

W6R3....and it's all about "...this is UNBELIEVABLE!"

...25 MINUTES! AND "the HILL" then another 23 minutes and counting!

I am just amazed at how WELL this programme week 1 I was worried, but figured I'd just repeat until I could go on...but I've never had to...this is soooo well thought out....push, recover, push a little harder, and the first thing you know, "You are a runner!"

Can you see me smiling?

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I'm about to do wk 6 run 3 tomorrow and six weeks ago had never run.

I'm glad to hear you have done it and tomorrow I too will have that feeling I have had after virtually every run on this programme; I believe it's called JOY !!

Well done, I know what you're feeling (well almost) and keep going.

Good luck and thanks for the post, I'm excited about tomorrow now !!!



Yes, I was smiling (or maybe that was a grimace, lol) MOST of the way today...until I turned the last corner and glanced at my watch and realized 25 minutes was going to take in the quarter-mile (.4 k) hill up to home, which usually is my 5 minute cool down walk...going to have to add some to my "course" (and doesn't THAT sound good!)


Wow you are amazing I do my runs on a treadmill as I cant cope with real lanscapes but no doubt when I start running outside it will come.

Week 7 here we come.


Hoorah to you! It's a brillant programme - I have never run before. The first minute was horrendous but boy am I glad I carried on. And I understand andychops comment about joy - it's almost meditative.


fantastic! I know how you are feeling. It is such a cleverly thought out programme - and dont forget, you are v clever to be doing it! Good luck to you :)


Well done Grammadog, yep, you end up building in more and more loops to make up the course. Not long till graduation now!!



Brilliant Grammadog. I absolutely love this running lark too. Keep up the good work.


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