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Ok just done w6r3 whose sense of humour was "This is easy"at 10 minutes to go

I did it and was so excited when Laura sad I was officially a runner.

Did my usual faffing around before I actually got out there. First few minutes were hard and legs a bit sore by about 5 but they didnt get any worse. Got hot and had my fan on full, by 20 minutes I was tired but I was not stopping, at 2 to go Mrs Invincable appeared again and at 1 to go Laura said put the speed up and I DID and ran my fastest minute to date.

I cant believe how much I have acomplished in the last 6 weeks. I nearly gave up at week 3 as did twice before because I thought that was how much my body could do but how wrong was I.

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lol...W6R3 for me this morning also....isn't this just amazing!? I was dying on W1...had serious doubts about whether I could do it....yet here we are...25 minutes!


Very well done - got my w6r3 on Friday :-)


I know grammadog I still cant believe it either nearly died trying to run 1 now done 25.


Well done to you! We keep thinking we have reached our limits and then along comes another run and off we go! Not long to go now. Enjoy :)


I've just done this run a couple of hours ago, I've got tired legs & found it much harder than W5 R3 but I feel good that I've just completed week six & I'm sure it will get easier.


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