Couch to 5K

week 7 run 2

woke up at 6;00am, got dressed picked up i-pod and headed out, I am still trying to think why i started this i must be mad.

legs felt like lead this morning, all stiff and sore for some reason. i carried on regardless and did my 5 mins warm up walk. still wished i was back in my nice warm cosy bed sleeping.

than i began almost straight away i had a stitch but and concentrated on my breathing and tried to ignore stitch, after 5 mins it went but legs were so stiff.

Finally Laura's voice appeared to inform me i was half way, to be honest i felt like stopping, but i didn't. Stitch re-appeared for a couple of mins, then went. Finally Laura said I finished but i hadn't so I carried on for another 3 mins. to reach 5k.

So today due to stiff legs it took me 28mins to do 5k instead of 25 and i know i should be happy but i'm not. i wanted to do it in 25mins like run 1 oat the beginning of week.

i still can't believe i can do 5k at week 7 though and i am glad i continued to run this morning, i'm just not happy about 28 mins and i know i am being silly but that's me.

Hopefully Run 3 will be better on Friday

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Well done for keeping going, thats the hardest part. Hey 28mins for 5k at week 7 I would be well happy with that :)


The heavy legs may well be them telling you they don't want to go so far so soon. I would be tempted to do a slower run next time to see if it settles down. After all you must be in the minority to be running 5K in 28 minutes let alone 25 and not even finished the programme yet. Take it a bit easier or you may do some serious damage which could halt your running for a long time.


Wow I am so impressed already doing a 5k in 28 minutes amazing.


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