Couch to 5K

Back After Injury........! Enforced rest definitely not good for the soul!

Well after 10 days without running due to groin strain, very gingerly tried a slow and steady 5k in the local park this morning.

Had planned to use treadmill in the gym, but the torrential rain had slowed to more like a normal British rainfall ( think wimbledon ) so chose outside.

Had literally had nightmares about losing all fitness gained over last few months

so was really nervous....but did 5k!

No problems fitness wise, but groin a little sore afterwards...not sure if due to having had a longish break, or if still "injured".

Will give it 2 days rest and have another go.......very difficult to elevate your groin i find, and as i've said before i'm sure as hell not putting any ice down there!!!!!!

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Hi gypsydepp,

I think it is just a case of easing back in gently as you did. Two days' rest is a good idea; it sounds like you're being sensible. I know exactly what you mean about enforced rest, isn't it the most frustrating thing? I've been injured enough twice to have to take two weeks off each time, and it drove me mad!



Thanks CaroleC

Now I've got the "first" run under my belt, I definitely feel a lot better.

Won't be so panic stricken about losing fitness in the future, I suppose we're all so used to "improving" all the time that it's weird to" stand still" and just enjoy it.

Will be taking it a little easier!

thanks again :)


I love the way that you feel doing a 5k is taking it easy: just look how far you've come!!

Good luck and fingers crossed that the next two days you feel 'comfortable'.


Do you know that never occurred to me at all !

Thanks TJ, that really does put it into perspective :)


Hi! I took a week's break as I was away for work and I was so impressed that I was able to run 5k when I got back and that th fitness hadn't disappeared despite the fact I'd done nothing but sit on my behind and eat cake for a week - it's great to think that we can do 5k with some ease after it being the goal for so long!


I don't know why I was so panicked about it!

Did another 5k today,too, and groin a bit sore but nothing like it was.

Off to London for a girlie weekend, will not be running till Monday now, but will definitely be trying your cake therapy!

Thanks SaCl


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