Couch to 5K

Has anybody else overdone it since graduating?

I'm finally back after a month out due to injury. I can only attribute this to trying too much too soon, since I was fine throughout Laura's podcasts. Running 5k every other day constantly trying to beat my previous time is quite clearly not the way forward for me, and I need to moderate my training. I was quite pleased that today's run was only a minute slower than my pb having not trained for so long. Anyone got any pearls of wisdom for me to try?

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Maybe instead of pushing yourself to run the 5k as fast as you possibly can every time, you should schedule in one 'slow' run every third run, where you still run 5k but at a slower pace? Or change one of your weekly runs to a shorter distance but the same fast pace, or start doing some interval runs (really fast for a couple of minutes, then slower for a few minutes, then really fast again, and so on until you reach 5k). I think varying your runs a bit might help, however you decide to do it.


Hi Adders.

What sort of injury have you had?

I'm just back after 10 days due to a groin strain.

And yes, i think i overdid it after graduating.

Was doing this:

Run 1 : 5k

Run 2 : 5k but using week1 and 2 podcast to run fast when laura saya run and jog when she says walk

Run 3 : add 0.5k each week.

All was going fine until i overstretched after run 2 and then decided to run 9k on a slightly sore groin.

I will never ever do that again!

Have decided to do 5k 3 times a week for the next 3 weeks.

I will not time the runs ,probably not even take a watch with me.

And then back to my home made training plan but listen to my body and not be in a rush to improve too fast!

I think its too easy to get caught up with times/pace/distance/what everyone else is doing.

I just want to run, and am not prepared to jeopardise that again!!!!

Good luck adders :)



Intervals and 'free' fun runs :)

One long slog a week for me - that is enough!

What did you injure?




Had to delete; thought I'd better stick to running comments!


i thought it was quite funny!


So did I! We need a bit of fun to keep us going :)


what did I miss? It's all so frustrating!!!!!!


Yep I agree, mix it up. I do 1 x 5Km, 1 x interval training and 1 x mad dash = 3Km as fast as I can go. I'm swimming, zumba & aqua gym & when we see blue sky a walk.


I think it is almost compulsory to overdo it after graduating and maybe there should be a week ten which involves running 10 miles up a really steep slope as fast as you can after which the phone number for the c25k ambulance is issued just so we can all get it out of our systems :-)

I vary routes now in my ongoing mission to seek out new paths and pull new muscles, to boldy run where no Greg has run before..........

I can't say the tempatation to run faster or further has ever gone away but by doing different routes it stops me obsessing about yard-by-yard comparisons at least.

I think the only pearl of wisdom I can offer is to "chill out dude"! 8-) 8-) 8-)


Greg, you've made me choke on my tea; your week 10 scenario is very funny and so true!



Defintely overdid it too after graduation and paying the price more than a month or so later.

Week 10 should be.................. take it easy and have fun runs for 30 mins for a week.

Try not to worry adders about achieving too much just now and enjoy it.

Like Had a great run today, bad run monday, but just have to go with the flow plus I moved at the weekend too so running in new places too!


so true! I find that my pace has picked up for some reason and I can't seem to make it past 20 minutes now. I'm ok with that I overall 5K is about the same time with the fast pace/walking so I'm going to keep on moving with this combination until I can do the entire 5k at the fast pace :) I have also found that I am "running" up the hills I previously it's the small acomplishments that keep me going!


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