Calf pain on week 4 help!

Help! I have just gone up to running 3 mins and walking 30 secs. I have tried it twice now and can't finish it. The first time I finished the third interval and then experienced crampy type pain on the inside of my right calf with a small amount of swelling. I rested and the pain was completely gone after 3 days. I tried the run again but a lot slower but this time I only managed 2 intervals before the pain returned. It wasn't as intense as before but I walked the rest of the run. I am so disappointed as my cardio ability has really improved but I am being let down by my legs. How can I get past this?


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  • Are you stretching? It's really important to stretch properly. I stretch after the warm up walk and then again after the cool down walk (although some just stretch after). About Week 3 my calves were struggling until I got into a routine with stretching.

    Also make sure you drink enough before you run (not immediately before but make sure you're well hydrated in the lead up to running) which can help to prevent cramp. Otherwise I guess there could be an issue with your shoes? A gait analysis would be the other thing to get done to check that your shoes are supporting the way you run properly. Hope that helps! :)

  • Rest if painful,then a bit of stretching, little massage, keep moving about, I'm always moving and stretching my legs even if I'm sitting, can get some aches & pains when starting out as body gets used to running, could be lack of salt (sodium) causing cramp, drink enough water, my wife always takes a small bottle of water out with her for sips, although shouldn't need water while just doing c25k, but that's a matter of choice, especially during hot weather..

  • Bananas are supposed to be really good for cramp too.

  • Rest rest and more rest, then take a very slow and steady attempt at it, but try not to think about your previous attempts as the mind can be funny like that. You might get a twinge and as long as it is not a stabbing or serious pain it might be the gremlins trying to get you to stop. If possible pop them in a locked box in a little compartment inside your head, concentrate on the music and you will get through this. Good luck.

  • Thank you that's good advice. I am doing my best to rest!

  • have you tried a foam roller?

  • No but I will get one and try it thank you.

  • I had to re-do week 3 twice and it was the calf pain that got me too. I didn't believe it was possible to go slower than I was, but it IS! Go slower and definitely make sure you hydrate. That helped me a lot. Also I was told that if you run more on your toes or the front of your foot, it puts more strain on your calves, so I practised landing on the middle of my foot and that helped too. Having said all that, I really did find week 3 one of the hardest, I think my gremlins took up residence that week. Just keep trying, and going slower! It will happen :)

  • Thank you. I was thinking of giving up but I really don't want to. I will rest this week and then try and run slower!

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