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Updates from my behind (and a little more)

Well, so much for being super motivated after graduating! In the three weeks since graduating I've only run four times. But I guess that's better than nothing!

The first was the ipod-on-shuffle (as mentioned in previous post, the less said about that the better).

The second was back to week 1 and I did intervals (run faster for the jog, jog for the walk) as recommended by others on the forum. Although this was ok, I got really frustrated as I didn't have enough time to get into a proper rhythm ever. And I know I didn't push myself hard enough! I think I'll have to try that one again.

The third was with my brighshinynew proper running playlist. I went for feel good tracks (such as summer of 69), and tracks with running in (like "run with us" - the raccoons cartoon theme tune) and a bit of bass (pendulum). That was SO much better and I really enjoyed myself, and did my 5k in just under 30 minutes so that was good enough for me!

Yesterday I had left my ipod at work, so decided to go out and run with no music at all - I just put the mapmyrun app on for the first time instead. I actually really enjoyed running with no music - I felt more focussed, and appreciated the run more. Not a chance could I do that on a treadmill, but with the outdoors to look at it was fab. The one part I hadn't counted on was that every mile, the app shouts out loudly to all within hearing distance how far I've gone and how fast I'm going. As my phone pocket is in the back of my top, I got some wonderful looks from passers by as my bum solemnly gave them these announcements. I think I need to check the settings!

All in all, it's been a nice variety of experiences! I think I'm going to try the intervals again next, and then do a longer run with no noise. Do other people mix and match a lot too, or have you found one thing that works for you?

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This made me laugh!! :-)) I've not graduated yet so can't advice but it might be worth getting on the 5 to 10k program if that motivates you more?

Well done though! 5k under 30 minutes is great!


Thanks!! I have been holding out for the new Laura programme as I thought that was due out last month, but I think if it takes much longer then it will have to be the 5 to 10k programme!


I do mix and match now- intervals (sometimes swapped for a shorter run but really pushing all the way), an exact 5k that I time and a longer slower one consciously upping the distance each time.

I do try and plan what I'm going to do for the week to do one of each but what gets me out the door now is doing whatever I feel like on the day so sometimes my week will be 2x long and one interval run or 2x 5ks and a short fast one. Sometimes I even do 4 runs in a week but that is not a frequent occurrence!

I'm not training for anything in particular - it was more important to me to keep going out regularly and above all enjoying my running without feeling guilty if I didn't stick with "the plan". I'm still holding out for the new podcasts though which may change what I do but I suspect a fair few of us will have moved past what they offer by the time they appear!


Ooh I like the sound of that combination - and the optional-ness of the structure!! I want to start adding longer runs but I never seem to leave enough time for them. Clearly better planning is called for!


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