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W5R3... well that was a little more than I was expecting


Just had to sign up to share this little story from this evening.

After spending all day feeling apprehensive about stepping up to the big 20 minute run for W5R3 I was finally ready. I was all geared up, the bluetooth headphones were on and music was playing ready to urge me on. Jo Whiley whispered in my ear that it was time to start running and off I went.

Five minutes in Jo declared I was a quarter of the way through. Great stuff!

Then a minute or two later my headphones ran out of charge. Oh no! Ah well, I was feeling pumped so without slowing down I whipped them off and went to my backup wired pair, got the music playing again and carried on. No problem!

Then the next few minutes seemed to really drag. Jo was taking an age to let me know I was half way through. Surely it was 10 minutes by now? Then the realisation struck - I'd forgotten to restart the app as well as the music. And sure enough it was still paused on 7 minutes or so. Grrr! I set it going and kept on running.

And I carried on until Jo told me to stop.... which by my reckoning was 23-24 minutes! Wow! I was worried about doing 20 minutes but was able to go on longer. I was knackered but think I could have kept on if I'd wanted to.... I'm quite amazed!

Had to share this as I'm kind of elated... so anyone reading this about to face W5R3 - don't be afraid because you may just surprise yourself :-)

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Well done.Your soaring.

Two more runs with a walking break and you are on continuous running.🌟👏👏

DBardGraduate in reply to Tbae

Thanks - I've lurked and read on here that the longer runs are more of a psychological barrier than a physical one and I'm rather surprised to find that's just the case and I've somehow gained the ability to just keep on running without collapsing into a heap

Tbae in reply to DBard

Have not read your story but you are doing great.🌟👏👏

No physcological stuff.🤔

Mentor IT never feared a Run only enjoyed.🌟👏👏


Well done! 🎉🎉🎉And there was you worrying about 20 minutes 😊😊

That's great! Congratulations. The next run will be a doddle! 😊


You did really well... proving how well this programme works:)

Runs building on other runs.. stamina and strength improving, confidence and belief, building... and you did it.. and MORE!!!

Go you!!!! Very, very well done:)

The lovely longer, relaxed runs beckon and you? You are going to be just fine:)

I’m on w5r3 the twenty minute run going to do it Monday

DBardGraduate in reply to Morris1971

I’m sure you’ll surprise yourself just as I have done - I’m guessing that 1971 refers to your birth year which is the same as me. We’re a good vintage 😀



Sometimes the technical issues can get in the way of a great run, in your case however they spurred you onto a great run. Well done you, graduation is beckoning for sure


Nice work - I'm due to do W5R3 on Monday too, I have to say I am really looking forward to it. For various reasons I am massively motivated. Actually did my local Parkrun today which was my first 5K but ran for 8 mins, walked for 5, ran for 8, walked for 5, and ran the last 8 or 9 (similar to W5R2 but longer) and made my goal of doing it all under 40 mins (35 something) so I was really chuffed. Can't wait to be running constantly without walking breaks!

I have been putting week 5 r3 off, plus i have been so tired! The last time I ran I decided just to run and I ran for 13 mins. I find when they tell me I am half way through thats when I weaken. So now most of the time its gonna be a quick look at my phone and not listening. Think that helps me. Well done you!!!


I remember dreading that 20 min run when I saw it. I need Michael Jordan to tell me how much longer I need to run. I normally do my runs on the treadmill but I cover everything with a towel. I find if I look at a clock or anything i lose all motivation. Really is a mind over matter. I've found a determination in me I never knew I had💪🏾

I did it really surprised myself 🎉

Thank you guys x

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