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Week Six Run Two

Week Six Run Two

Woke up to rain this morning, but I thought 'It's not going to get any better than this!' so out I went. Two ten minute runs - not very easy but I talked myself through both and even managed to increase the pace on the second one. :) It's hard sometimes, I keep thinking about doing ambitious things like entering races or Parkruns but at the same time I know I have to pace myself.

Because I live with depression, I've had to get very good at knowing what I'm capable of. Sometimes it's a yes and other times it's a no and there's no use throwing a tantrum about it. I know that one day things will get easier and I'll be able to run faster for longer but right now I just have to stick to the programme.

One thing which concerned me a bit today is that I started getting pins and needles in my left foot. It happened once before and I was wondering whether I should be worried or whether I just tied my laces too tight or something.

Only a few runners out today because the weather was so lousy. One guy about my age running towards me slowed down to flatten his hair before he went past only for it to shoot right back up again. It made me giggle - I guess it's not easy to put self-consciousness aside for the sake of a run. Today I was running in my boyfriend's long-sleeved top and my loosest pair of tracksuit bottoms so I probably looked like I was wearing pyjamas.

Today I was thinking about all the people who do Race for Life while suffering from cancer and Jane Tomlinson who completed one full Ironman (4km Swim, 180Km bike ride and full marathon - completed inside 17 hours), two half Ironmans, the London Marathon three times, the New York Marathon, three London Triathlons and three long distance bike rides - John O Groats to Lands End, Rome to Home and a 6781.8 km ride across America - ALL after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

It's amazing what one person can achieve (although I really hate how information about Jane always says 'Sadly she lost her battle with cancer...' Far as I'm concerned, she didn't lose to anything, she sadly got ill and then died). It gives me hope for the future and thinking about all the things I could achieve and the things I want to do.

Speaking of which, run three coming up on Wednesday...

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Well done on day 2 not sure about the pins and needles but I have seen others mention it on here.

I know when I try to make excuses I should think more about these inspirational people.


Brilliant blog post, it's really inspiring to think just how much people can achieve in all sorts of circumstances.

Good luck for run 3!


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