Couch to 5K

Week 6 Owned and still feeling Epic ... Yeehaa!!!

Did W6 R3 this afternoon.

I was very nervous starting out but i walked until I felt ready, stuck on my own music (T.Rex greatest hits) and ran like Forest Gump.

I`m just about injury free and actually got into a nice stride.

Did 25 minutes finishing on a very steep hill for the last minute.

Covered 1.7 miles and average speed 3.9 mph.

Dead slow I know but I care not a jot :)

I can`t believe it ; I am euphoric.

Thankyou C25K I love you and thanks too, to all the positive posts on here

for giving me inspiration and motivation.

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Well done you and as laura says it's not about speed. Seems like you are building your endurance nicely. You should be proud of yourself. Here's to week 7 x


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